Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn Recreate Iconic Scandal Moment, and Scott Foley Weighs In

It’s been a long five years without Scandal in our lives, but we can always expect Kerry Washington to handle things for us.

Washington recently revisited the sudsy political thriller when she shared a video of a reunion with costar Tony Goldwyn.

If you watch Scandal online, you know Washington played D.C. fixer Olivia Pope, who was embroiled in an affair with Goldwyn’s Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III.

Their ship’s name was Olitz, and it was perfectly used in Washington’s reunion with her former costar.

Washington walks down a hall before stopping at a door.

Behind it is Goldwyn, and when he opens it, they share a “Hi” with one other.

Also of note, the clip features “The Light” by the Album Leaf, which is their characters’ song from the ABC series from Shonda Rhimes.

“Hi ?? D.C #Olitz is ready for you ❤️,” Washington wrote in the caption.

Fans were understandably taken aback by the moment, but were very happy.

“Stop playing with us! Some of us can’t breathe when the two of you are together❤️❤️,” wrote one fan in response to the video.

Another penned, “Please bring this show backkkkk ?????.”

Scott Foley, who played Jake, commented with: “…I don’t get it.”

Throughout the series, Jake was also in love with Olivia, so the series served up a love triangle for the ages.

It’s crazy to think that, at one point, we had Scandal airing alongside Grey’s Anatomy and How to Get Away with Murder.

That was a can’t-miss night of TV, and we had to watch live to avoid being spoiled because those shows were bursting at the seams with OMG-worthy moments.

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The scandal cast has staged reunions on multiple occasions, including earlier this year when Washington joined forces with Goldwyn and Bellamy Young with pickets amid the SAG-AFTRA strike.

“Volunteered with some fellow @sagaftra members that I LOVE today,” Washington wrote at the time.

While Scandal ended its run in 2018, there have been calls for a reunion series.

Rhimes didn’t rule out the possibility in May, revealing that Olivia is the character she most wanted to revisit.

“Olivia Pope, I like that character so much,” Rhimes said in an interview with IMDB.

“Even when she was bad, I liked that character so much — she’s very interesting.” 

Given that Scandal was such a big series and its political nature, there’s certainly scope for a comeback at some point down the line.

The good news?

Shonda Rhimes isn’t ruling it out, but we’re sure she wouldn’t proceed with a comeback unless it was a good idea for the franchise.

What are your thoughts on the reunion?

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