Brynn Whitfield Was Once Evicted From NYC Apartment After ‘Not Paying $7K in Rent’

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With any Real Housewife, there’s always going to be some curiosity over their finances. Perhaps it’s due to the track record of Housewives scamming people or committing fraud. But in any case, fans are always a bit nosey.

Since Brynn Whitfield showed up on Real Housewives of New York Season 14, fans have wondered about her career and finances. It didn’t help that the cameras did very little to explain her work life. Speculation ran rampant, especially with Brynn’s flirtatious personality, leading to theories of gold-digging, among other practices.

Brynn cleared the air over such rumors, detailing her career over multiple pictures on social media. But still, fans wondered. Now, with recent reports over Brynn’s housing, rumors persist. But the reports aren’t quite what they appear to be.

Brynn went to court over missing rent

Before anyone slams Brynn too hard, some context here would be important. The U.S. Sun obtained court documents from 2014 that showed the Housewife was kicked to the curb from her Upper East Side studio. She rented the one-room apartment in 2013. After her one-year lease, the contract continued on a month-to-month basis.

But payments stopped in August 2014. Brynn and her two anonymous under-tenants, one man and one woman, were served with an eviction notice. The rental was $2,500 per month at that point. The landlord’s lawyer wrote, “The respondent continues to be in possession of the premise without the permission of the Petitioner-Landlord after the expiration of said term.”

By October 2014, the landlord asked the court for a “final judgment be entered against the respondent [Brynn and undertenants], issue a warrant of eviction to remove respondents from possession thereof, and that a judgment be issued for the rent arrears.” Brynn lost the case and had to pay all the back rent she owed.

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