Extend your on-air time with live video playlists

There’s a reason people love playlists. They help us discover new things. They present content we enjoy in a format that’s easy to consume. In short — they’re fun. But playlists aren’t just for music.

In a matter of minutes, you can create a video playlist and schedule a time for it to broadcast live — Restream makes it just about as simple as can be. Here are a few reasons you should give it a try.

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5 reasons to broadcast videos as live playlists

Creating a playlist out of your previous live streams allows you to get more mileage out of each piece of content. Just wrapped up an awesome live interview? Add it to a playlist to broadcast it again for even more viewers.

Social platforms prioritize live broadcasts — even broadcasts of pre-recorded videos — and are more likely to surface them in people’s feeds. Going live, rather than simply posting your videos for people to watch on demand, will actually help get you in front of more eyeballs.

Playlists are binge-worthy. Since a new video plays automatically after the previous one ends, viewers are likely to stick around longer.

Live playlists are hands-off. You choose when to broadcast your playlist, and Restream handles the rest. Your videos will play as scheduled, even if you’re nowhere near the internet.

Live video playlists are interactive. You can add QR codes, display audience comments as they come in, and interact with viewers while your videos play.

How to create a live video playlist in Restream

From the Restream dashboard, choose Schedule Event and then choose Playlist. Select videos uploaded to your library, and then pat yourself on the back! You’ve started a playlist. Add interactive graphics and choose a date and time for your playlist to broadcast. You’re done!

Creating the perfect playlist

To build a great playlist, you should put some thought into which videos you add and what order they go in. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Best stuff first

Lead with strong content. Ideally, you want to hook viewers early in your stream and get them to stick around. Putting your most enticing videos early in the playlist gets audiences “in the door,” and makes them more likely to watch subsequent videos.

Choose a theme

A clear theme lets your audience know what to expect and gives your playlist a more cohesive feeling. Try creating a playlist of your best product demos, most interesting interviews, or all your videos related to a certain topic.

Create a flow

Don’t forget about the order of the videos. Most audiences will expect a video to have some kind of connection to the last one that played. And if you’re broadcasting a series of tutorials or concert performances, making sure they play in the right order is crucial.

What to put on your playlist…

Need some inspiration? Check out how these Restream customers are sharing their live content with the world.

If you’re a business

Live experiences are a great way to engage customers, so it’s worth going all out to create a top-notch live stream when you’re launching a new product like Mercedes did.

Create an interactive guide to using your product, like Adobe’s. Jump into the chat and answer your viewer’s questions while the videos stream live.

Record your best pitch, a la Create Room, schedule it to go live, and add a QR code so viewers can buy directly from your stream.

If you’re a nonprofit or church

Delight your viewers around the clock with a 24/7 live stream, like the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s famous sea otter cam.

Broadcast fundraisers live to create real-time connections with supporters.

Deliver your message to your congregation on their time by scheduling live replays of your teachings like Elevation Church.

If you’re a creator

PBS NewsHour streams live news coverage to reach a broad range of viewers online.

There’s always an audience for live music. Set up your own online radio station to stream 24/7, like Monstercat or Tomorrowland.

Legendary jazz singer Gunhild Carling creates an interactive live jazz mix, where viewers can request songs and enjoy recordings of her most captivating past performances.

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