Kim Zolciak Under Fire From Judge After Skipping Divorce Hearing

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Welcome back to the REAL reality show, Kim Zolciak’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Divorce. The Real Housewives of Atlanta alum and Kroy Biermann are currently living in a semi-foreclosed McMansion. And a world of delusion. But at least they have each other.

Let’s review! Kim and Kroy are broke as a joke. Both of them have said horrible things about the other and subjected their small children to a toxic environment. Kroy is trying to divorce Kim but Kim says they have tons of sexual relations and wants the divorce dismissed.

Now you’re all caught up in the drama that’s been going on since about May of this year. Despite Kim filing a motion to dismiss Kroy’s papers, a divorce hearing was held at the Fulton County Court House. Kroy’s name was on the guest list, and so was Kim’s, but Kimbo was a no-so and the judge got maaaaad. ET has the scoop.

Tardy for the Courthouse

Superior Court Judge Shermela J. Williams isn’t impressed by Kim and she let everyone know it. During a hearing held on September 27, Judge Shermela asked Kim’s attorney where the hell she was. The lawyer, David Beaudry, advised Kim was flying back from Colombia after appearing on The Surreal Life.

Attorney David advised Kim’s plane was supposed to touchdown in Atlanta at around 9 pm. Judge Shermela doesn’t appreciate her time being messed with and told Kim’s lawyer the absence will not be excused.

The poor counsel was trying to apologize on Kim’s behalf, but the judge wasn’t having it. I’m guessing she must be more of a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fan because Judge Shermla told him, “Her presence was not waived for today, so she is supposed to be here. I did not waive her presence.”

The judge took a brief break as a result of the turbulent situation. Still irritated, the judge eventually spoke again and said she would restart the hearing and remove the advantage of using Zoom. She informed everyone on the current Zoom call that moving forward, all participants in the case would have to show up in person in her courtroom, which caused everyone to become noticeably disappointed. Oh, I like Judge Shermela, she’s spunky.

The toxic McMansion

The focus of Marlys Bergstrom, Kroy’s attorney, shifted to the urgent motion, in which he requested the court’s approval to sell the $3 million McMansion in Alpharetta. The property, which Kimbo has refused to place on the market, is scheduled to be foreclosed upon on November 7 according to Attorney Marlys’ subsequent disclosure to the court. Kroy reaffirmed his lawyer’s assertion by responding, “Correct,” to Judge Shermela.

The judge asked Kim’s lawyer if he knew of this and he replied, “No, judge, I did not know that.” Then the judge asked Kroy the approximate equity of the McMansion and he refused to answer because the media is covering the hearing.

“Your honor, due to the media being here, do I have to answer that,” Kroy inquired. Judge Shermela replied, “Yep.” And now I like her even more. Then she made it a bit easier for Kroy and asked if the “family home exceeds more than $1 million” and Kroy responded, “Correct.”

The judge called the whole day a “waste” because of Kim and the next hearing will be Friday, September 29 (tomorrow). She said, “All parties need to be present.” This pretty much means Kim has zero choice in whether she wants to participate or not. Tomorrow they will cover Kim’s motion to dismiss the divorce petition as well as Kroy’s request to sell the McMansion.

Sounds like it won’t be a TGIF for Kim and Kroy. Stay tuned, it’s about to get interesting. Team Kids, Team Judge Shermela.


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