Live TV Streaming for College Students

Being a student is exhausting, so it’s important to take a break from your papers and assignments once in a while. Today, watching TV shows via live TV streaming is one of the most popular activities of students every evening. But how can you pick one if there are so many offers? Everyone has their budget and things that they consider interesting, so one pick isn’t one-size-fits-all. It’s alright to listen to your friends’ suggestions, but you have to make a final decision based on what makes you fascinated. Let’s review the best streaming TV service for college students, and you’ll make your choice.

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Best Live TV Streaming for College Students

Relaxing Improves Students’ Learning

Where to Get Live TV Apps for Students?

Exploring Free Options for College Students

Take Popcorn and Invite Your Friends

? Best Live TV Streaming for College Students

Every person has their own understanding of what makes the best streaming service, but it’s important to consider discounts for students and the availability of shows that are appealing to them.

✨ Amazon Prime

Probably one of the most student-friendly options, Amazon Prime offers not only the streaming service but a bunch of other perks. The number of shows is impressive, and some of the well-known ones are Good Omens, The Devil’s Hour, and The Boys. Students can request a 6-months free trial and then pay $12.99/month.

✨ Hulu

Although you won’t get such a long free trial as with Amazon Prime, you’ll still have access to a huge library: The Handmaid’s Tale, Castle Rock, and Tiny Beautiful Things. Students get that for $7.99/month.

✨ Discovery+

Not every student is a fan of fictional stories; some are fascinated with history, nature, and geography. If that’s your case, you get access to Discovery+’s Discovery, TLC, Animal Planet, Food Network, and much more. It costs $4.99/month.

✨ Netflix

Unfortunately, Netflix doesn’t offer any student discounts, so that’s a real bummer. But because it has different plans and one of the largest libraries out there, many learners still go for it. The standard plan with ads costs only $6.99/month, so you won’t be ripped off even without a student discount. And, as you know, Netflix offers such shows as The Witcher, Squid Game, and Wednesday.

?‍? Relaxing Improves Students’ Learning

You might be writing your 10th lab experiment results this week and wondering whether you even have the right to watch anything while you’ve got several more essays to complete. But you deserve to take a break. And not just because you’re an alive person needing to give your brains a shake. In fact, students who allow themselves some breaks and spend time relaxing can concentrate much better and faster. There are different types of relaxing from exercising to engaging in your hobby. But guess what? Watching your favorite show is a really awesome strategy to take away the pressure from yourself.

If you can’t afford some time for yourself and need to write a paper you have no idea about, maybe consider finding an essay writing service like CustomWritings that will show you how to structure, edit, and compile evidence for your study.

Don’t forget to ask your friends and family for help. Of course, college studies are designed to test and examine your skills, but you don’t become a worse student just because you learn from the experience of other people. Find study groups that will help you to relax in the company of your friends and alleviate some stress. Ask your family to visit a nice park on the weekend. Even though you might believe that only hours studying can make you a person with a strong learning potential, the more you help your brain to relax, the better your chances are to have a more flexible thinking and better memory capacity.

? Where to Get Live TV Apps for Students?

It’s important to have access to live TV apps that will make viewing more comfortable. Here’s a list of the options.

✨ Apple TV+

You might not know that, but students get free access to Apple TV after they get an Apple Music Student Plan. After the trial ends, students pay only $5.99/month for both. Shows that learners might like include Lessons in Chemistry, Fingernails, and Killers of the Flower Moon.

✨ YouTube

Although people tend to associate YouTube with only free shows and short videos, it has its own shows you get in the YouTube Premium package. Students get access to this service for $7.99/month. You get Wayne, Mind Field, Scare Pewdiepie, and more shows to pick from.

✨ Disney+

It also has an app that you can download on the tablet of your choice. It doesn’t offer any student-targeting discounts, but it costs about $7.99/month, which makes it popular among the streaming apps. Fans will admire Secret Invasion, American Born Chinese, and Daredevil.


If you didn’t know, HBO Max is now called simply that! You can enjoy The Last of Us, Game of Thrones, and even access to the newly released Warner Bros. movies. While you don’t get any student discounts, you’ll pay about $9.99/month, so that’s quite a fair deal.

? Exploring Free Options for College Students

Regardless of how much you want to enjoy all the live TV streaming for college students, you might simply be unable to save money for it. But there are plenty of free services! For example, you might like Freevee which has some old shows like Desperate Housewives, and the originals like Jury Duty. Tubi doesn’t offer live streaming for college students, but you’ll receive access to some of the best shows and movies that have already been released. The variety of this service is impressive! Roku Channel is a pick for students who like originals and don’t want to register.

What about the other services? Well, students often admire Pluto TV for its diversity of live TV streaming. If you’re into the popular trends, it will certainly be appealing to you. Also, don’t forget that many shows are available on the free version of YouTube. If you’re a fan of reality TV and lets play, you might not need anything else. Many learners even like to watch full-time recordings of different high-profile criminal and celebrity cases and watch interviews with different actors or writers. Oh, and did we mention educational content? Yes, there are lots of free videos for those who like learning.

In the world of social media live streaming, college students can find a wide variety of interesting content that goes beyond the usual entertainment. For example, on platforms like Twitch, you can watch global gamers play video games and share their thoughts. You can also enjoy virtual front-row seats to live music concerts on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. If you like vlogs, there are people on YouTube who share their daily lives, give advice, and entertain. And if you want to learn something new, there are live streams that cover many different subjects.

Students can also find cooking shows, fitness classes, and wellness tips on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. For those who love to travel, there are virtual adventures to exotic places hosted by adventurers and travelers. If you’re into crafting, you can watch people show how they make things, which can be really inspiring. And if you want to stay informed, news outlets often live stream important events, giving you the latest updates and different perspectives.

So, there’s a whole world of interesting stuff out there for college students to explore on social media live streaming!

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? Take Popcorn and Invite Your Friends

Now that you’ve got several options in mind, you can pay or simply visit the service you like. Invite your besties and have a nice movie night where all you do is eat, laugh, and root for your favorite characters! Student years are about joy and loving every moment of your new life. Don’t let yourself forget about the awesome feeling of friendship, fun, and creativity.

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