More Fakery From ‘MBFFL’ Star Whitney Way Thore?

MBFFL fans are convinced that Season 11 is packed full of fakery, and now they found something else to slam Whitney Way Thore about. It has to do with Jessica Powell, her business partner with No BS Active. Some My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans actually believe that TLC and Whitney forget they have memories. So, what’s going on? Read on to find out more.

MBFFL Whitney Way Thore & Jessica In Season 11

In 2021, TLC fans saw that No BS Active looked likely to improve after Jessica Powell joined Glenn Thore’s daughter in the fitness program. Since then, fans have seen more of the fitness trainer, but in the current season, they doubt her authenticity. Actually, they doubt the authenticity of a lot of things.

TLC fans actually hate that the My Big Fat Fabulous Life show seems scripted. Despite learning more about her half-sister, Angie, fans still believe that Whitney and TLC just invented that family connection. Probably, that’s because there were leaks that Glenn fathered a son in Asia. If he did that, then he was a busy boy as he’d apparently left Jackie pregnant in the USA before he went to Asia. Fans also suspected some previous fakery with the French tutor.

How I know Whitney still dating the French guy is a fake storyline: they haven’t even bothered to do a FaceTime shot of a convo between them all season. French dude is long gone! #mybigfatfabulouslife #mbffl

— A Dreamer (@MuMu200) October 14, 2022

MBFFL Whitney Way Thore Gets Jessica Faking For Drama?

In Season 11, Jessica seemed reluctant to get in the water and do aerobics. Whitney had been trying to encourage her dad to exercise in the pool, as she’d been doing it. Anyway, she practically threatened Jessica with her job. That came when her business partner claimed she had a huge fear of the water.

MBFFL Jessica Powell No BS Active – TLC

The MBFFL star said to Jessica that she must do a lesson on water aerobics and then film it for their No BS Active business App. Well, My Big Fat Fabulous Life critics seemed puzzled. Furthermore, they didn’t like that Whitney Way Thore said that her trainer’s “job is on the line,” if she doesn’t do it. After all, they had seen Jessica involved in water-based activities in the past.

Jessica Powell Fears Water?

MBFFL fans seemed very skeptical of the scene between Whitney Way Thore and Jessica. On Reddit, u/Extra_Dondant_8855 questioned Jessica’s fear of water. In their post, they wrote:

Jessica claims she’s terrified of water and getting the pool for their stupid videos, but in early seasons she has definitely been in bodies of water. The time they were paddleboarding in the lake with Ryan, and the waterfall …comes to mind. Idk why I still watch this stupid…show.”

Some members of the community were grateful for the reminder. One of them noted in the replies, “Yeah I’ve been wondering about this. They went white water rafting! Jessica definitely mentioned being scared at the time but I don’t think standing in the shallow end of a pool should be that harrowing.”

Another follower wrote, “I really felt for her last week, not having seen/remembered the paddleboarding episode. I can’t believe I used to think there was truth in that show.”

What are your thoughts about Jessica Powell supposedly being terrified of water? Did you recall that she had been river rafting in the past? Not to mention that she seemed at ease on a paddleboard. Do you think My Big Fat Fabulous Life producers and Whitney Way Thore faked the swimming pool scene for more drama?

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