‘My 600-lb Life’: Big 2023 Life Update For S5 Cynthia Wells

My 600-lb Life Season 5 featured the story of Cynthia Wells. She appeared on the show at over 610 pounds and was struggling with her health. Her weight made her unable to move. The Oklahoma native was also devastated due to her inability to watch her daughter perform at dance festivals. Due to this, she finally sought Dr. Now’s help to fulfill her responsibilities as a mother. Keep reading to see what she’s up to today.

My 600-lb Life: Cynthia Wells’ Incredible Weight Loss Despite Doubts

Cynthia had a rough start in her journey with Dr. Now. She was first tasked with dropping 30 pounds in order to proceed with the bariatric surgery. However, she struggled to accomplish the surgeon’s first request and began to get annoyed. The My 600-lb Life alum even said that she’d instead take matters into her own hands. She eventually shed enough weight after weeks of diet and exercise. After 12 months, she lost 150 pounds, which dropped her to over 450 lbs.

Photo Credit: TLC YouTube / Cynthia Wells Facebook

The former TLC star has kept in touch with the fans on social media. In 2017, she revealed losing another 100 pounds, bringing her down to 300 lbs. Some of her FB photos also show that she has kept a healthy lifestyle despite her doubts about Dr. Now.

Cynthia Continues To Live Healthy Lifestyle

After successfully losing weight, Cynthia fell in love with working out at the gym. She has been sharing clips from her routines over the past few weeks. Recently, she uploaded a clip from her arm day. Her previous clips also featured leg and full-body drills. On September 17, the My 600-lb Life alum opened up about how she’s dealing with the internet trolls.

Photo Credit: Cynthia Wells Facebook

According to Cynthia Wells, she has never given up and never will. She also gushed over a friend who hasn’t judged and remained supportive despite her struggles to shed weight throughout the years. Additionally, the former reality TV personality was thankful for the kindness she received at the gym.

My 600-lb Life: Cynthia Wells Fullfils Her Dream

Cynthia was motivated to lose weight in order to be present for the kids, and her FB posts show that she succeeded in her dreams. The My 600-lb Life alum has been actively participating in her children’s school activities. On September 21, the loving mother celebrated the birthday of her daughter, Jaela Mechele. Furthermore, she loves taking photos of her 24-year-old son’s football games at school.

Photo Credit: Cynthia Wells Facebook

Cynthia Wells has yet to share her current weight. But she made it clear in her workout posts that she’s not done dropping pounds. Many are also inspired by her dedication to staying healthy for the sake of her family.

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