We’re Predicting a Difficult Charter Season on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 8


Below Deck Mediterranean Season 8 is already off to a chaotic start, and it does not seem like things will get easier anytime soon. In less than an hour, the premiere set the rest of the season up to be a disaster like no other.

The Season 8 trailer promises even more problems for the crew, especially for Captain Sandy Yawn. From everything we know so far, it seems like Season 8 could be the most difficult charter season yet for the Below Deck Med crew. Here’s why.

The Season Kicked Off With an Incomplete Interior Team Fred Jagueneau/Bravo via Getty Images

Shortly after stepping onboard, Captain Sandy learned she would, unfortunately, have to start the season with an incomplete interior crew. Chief Stew Tumi Mhlongo and 2nd Stew Kyle Viljoen were unable to arrive on time for the first charter. This was due to visa issues.

Luckily, returning 2nd Stew Natalya Scudder agreed to be interim Chief Stew for the time being, with the help of Stew Jessika Asai. Nonetheless, this started the season off on an incredibly rocky note for the interior crew. Natalya quickly adjusted to the position of Chief Stew, so it may be difficult for her to step back down into her 2nd Stew position once Tumi arrives.

The Crew Is Now Also a Bosun Short Laurent Basset/Bravo via Getty Images

Ruan Irving was introduced as the Bosun early on during the premiere. However, unfortunately things soon went awfully south for him. The problems for Ruan began before the first charter set sail. He brought photocopies of his yachting documents rather than the original copies. In the midst of this chaos, he received a devastating call from back home. He learned that his long time best friend had passed away, after a head on collision with a bus.

Things did not get any easier for Ruan, when Captain Sandy was forced to take action when he failed to provide the proper documents. Captain Sandy was forced to make Ruan leave the yacht until his papers were in order. Later, he called Captain Sandy, revealing that he would not be returning as the Bosun.

In the meantime, Deckhand Luka Brunton agreed to step up to the plate and serve as Interim Bosun. However, this will not work for long, as the exterior crew also needs him as a deckhand. Captain Sandy made some calls regarding hiring a new Bosun. However, she panicked when she heard that none were available for two weeks. As the Bosun is a critical part of the yacht team, this could mean serious trouble for the crew.

The Season 8 Trailer Teases a Lot Of Problems… Like a LOT


Apart from the problems seen in the premiere, the Season 8 trailer teases a whole lot of chaos, which could cause many problems for the crew. Remember when we said that Natalya might have some issues stepping back down to 2nd Stew? The season preview shows her getting into some pretty serious disagreements with new Chief Stew Tumi, which could mean curtains for the interior team.

Natalya isn’t the only one having issues with Tumi, however, as Chef Jack Luby is also shown arguing with her. Below Deck fans know that the relationship between the Chef and Chief Stew is critical. So, Tumi and Jack not getting along could cause some problems for future charters. Natalya, on the other hand, has a great relationship with Jack, so maybe Tumi really is the problem.

Perhaps the most shocking reveal in the trailer was that Captain Sandy gets injured at some point. However, it is not clear how severe the injury is. In one scene, Captain Sandy is shown wrapping her wrist for what looks to be a minor injury. But in a later scene, someone suggests that Captain Sandy had to leave the boat. This would be pretty much the worst case scenario from the crew.

Apart from issues with the crew themselves, the guests this season seem as rowdy as ever. One guest is shown dropping his phone into a hot tub and diving in for it headfirst, despite the crew assuring him that it is water proof. Later on in the trailer, Captain Sandy tells another guest’s group that he “has become a problem” for them, as he is shown getting too drunk.


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