A Look At ‘Golden Bachelor’ Gerry Turner’s Family

The Golden Bachelor is premiering Thursday night and fans are excited to see Gerry Turner begin his journey. Never has a man been so accepted by Bachelor Nation with fans anxious to tune in and see this much-anticipated spinoff. As everyone settles in to watch Gerry on his first night in the mansion, here’s a look at his family whom he loves so dearly. Keep reading to find out more.

Take a look at Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner’s family

Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner was a happily married man until the summer of 2017 when his wife of 43 years became suddenly ill. He lost Toni just weeks after she retired. They had been together since high school and married in 1972. Losing her so suddenly came as quite a shock.

Prevention shared more details about his family. Toni retired at the end of May 2017. They moved from Iowa to Indiana shortly before her passing. Gerry and Toni bought their dream house and were ready to live out their golden retirement years together. However, shortly after they closed on the house she suddenly got ill.

She had a bacterial infection that spread to her liver and kidneys. He took her to the hospital on July 7 and on July 15 they said goodbye. She was born in November 1951 and passed away in July 2017.

After she passed Gerry said, “Every time I look at that lake, I go, ‘This is her dream, this is what she deserves.’” He continued, “‘Why am I standing here alone?’”

Gerry said, “I have a picture of her in my walk-in closet, so every night I’m in there and I see her picture. It’s the only one now that I have in the house and in the mornings, I see her picture and you know, we talk.”


They have two wonderful daughters

Gerry and Toni had two daughters together, Jenny Young and Angie Warner. Now, they also have two beautiful granddaughters, Payton and Charlee. They are all nothing but supportive of Gerry and his journey.

His granddaughters are really excited for their grandfather. He said, “They are genuinely excited and thrilled. My granddaughters have had guests to my house since this all started, and they pick their friends that are big fans of the show.”

Gerry does hope he finds love as the Golden Bachelor. However, what he wants the most is to show everyone that love has no age limit.

Do you think Gerry will find the woman of his dreams again?

Stay tuned for more updates and don’t miss The Golden Bachelor Thursday night on ABC.

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