Bethenny Frankel Slams ‘Always Protected’ Andy Cohen After Being ‘Skinned Alive’

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Former Real Housewives of New York City star Bethenny Frankel has not spoken to Andy Cohen since the “reality television reckoning.” But Bethenny did interview Vanderpump Rules alum Rachel Leviss for her podcast. And B has just generally been a thorn in Andy’s side.

Bethenny has no illusions about how the folks at Bravo feel about her. “I can tell you with great certainty that everyone at Bravo likely despises me, including Andy Cohen,” she stated.

Burning every possible bridge

So, Bethenny decided to go full-scorched earth and go after Andy directly. She sounded off on her Just B with Bethenny Frankel podcast. And her guest just happened to be Andy’s other least favorite housewife, NeNe Leakes. Then Bethenny gifted us a monologue about Andy.

“He’s always protected. Somehow, he’s asking these questions, like ‘Who is the ugliest housewife?’ A question that bad. Like ‘Who is the worst mother?’ Questions that are so problematic,” Bethenny said.

“All these things that somehow he’s like always protected and we’re always f–king skinned alive with Tabasco sauce all over us– naked,” Bethenny added. Next, she targeted the way that the housewives are dragged by the press.

“Who do you think is the bitchiest housewife or most dramatic? NeNe. Two weeks of press. Bethenny says ‘NeNe is the most dramatic housewife,”’ Bethenny explained. “You, two weeks of press. Say ‘Bethenny’s a bitch.’ Like we’re out there, and we get thrown like pieces of meat, to just get ripped apart by that vehicle that we kissed the ass to get on and get excited that we’re on and we’re there.”

She continued, “And we’re like, ‘OMG! Yay!!’ And we all play the goddamn f–king game. And we get decked out because we’re using him like he’s using us, because we want to promote our sh-t, and get dressed up and get the whatever, but it all just seems so gross,” Bethenny stated.

Poor NeNe couldn’t get a word in during Bethenny’s rant. So, is Bethenny’s new mission in life to destroy Bravo and Andy? It sure seems like it.


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