‘Bringing Up Bates’ Why Fans Think Lawson Has Hit Hard Times

Bringing Up Bates fans think that Lawson Bates may have hit hard times. Based on a few recent hints online, it looks like he could be struggling. Of course, fans don’t know for sure, but they have some strong feelings about this. Keep reading for all of the details and see what’s going on with Lawson these days.

Though the UPtv show has come to an end, fans are often talking about the stars on Reddit. They also follow the Bates family members on social media. Based on their social media posts, fans often discuss what’s going on. Sometimes, the Bates family is criticized, while other times, they are praised.

Bringing Up Bates fans notice something different.

While checking up on Lawson Bates, fans noticed something about him and his online activity. They are now wondering what this might mean for his financial situation.

Lawson Bates – Bringing Up Bates – YouTube

On Reddit, fans pointed out that Lawson has a Cameo profile now. This is a platform where fans can order custom video messages from celebrities, athletes, and others. For example, someone can request a happy birthday video from Lawson to send to one of their friends. This is one way that Lawson can bring in an income by using his family’s name.

Currently, he’s not accepting new requests, but he might be soon. Because his account is inactive, fans can’t see how much it costs to order a video from him.

Cameo – Lawson Bates – Bringing Up BatesCould this mean Lawson Bates has hit hard times?

In the Reddit thread, fans are weighing in. Some think that Lawson using Cameo is a sign he’s in need of extra money, especially after Bringing Up Bates was canceled.

In addition to using Cameo to bring in money, Lawson recently had a sale on his CDs. He and his family promoted the deal and encouraged fans to take advantage of the $10 CD sale. One fan weighed in, “He must be struggling to sell that music.” 

Of course, there is no way to know for sure what is going on with Lawson Bates behind the scenes. Hopefully, all is well. But with his Cameo account popping up and his recent CD sale, it’s possible he’s in need of a little extra cash. Or maybe he just wants to connect with fans via Cameo.

So, do you think this is a sign that Lawson Bates has hit hard times? Or do you think he’s simply trying to find multiple revenue streams? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Bringing Up Bates stars.

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