‘Golden Bachelor’ Pays Tribute To Roberta After Cancer Battle

The Golden Bachelor premiered Thursday night and fans got to meet the 22 incredible women vying for Gerry Turner’s heart. Among the women who exited the limos was Ellen. Her preview was touching and showed how she came to apply for the show. In the intro, it was revealed that her best friend Roberta had cancer. At the end of tonight’s premiere, the show paid tribute to Roberta. Keep reading to find out more.

Golden Bachelor pays tribute to Roberta Zaktzer

Roberta Zaktzer has always been a big fan of the show. So, she convinced her best friend Ellen Goltzer to sign up for The Golden Bachelor. Roberta appeared in Ellen’s intro package and it’s obvious the two are very close. It was also shared that Roberta had cancer.

Ellen went to Instagram three weeks ago to share her thoughts about her friend. She said,

Hi. I want to tell you about my best friend Roberta for 60 years. Good times and bad, happy and sad, it’s a friendship that will last a lifetime. We watched the bachelor together from the very beginning. She convinced me to apply for the Golden Bachelor and here I am because of her. She’s going through some difficult times now and I want her to know that true friendship is precious. Thank you Roberta. I’m here because you believed in me and and I believe in you too. Love you bestie!

Tonight at the end of the premiere episode, it was revealed that Roberta passed away and sadly lost her battle with cancer. The show shared a photo of Ellen and Roberta and dedicated the season to the memory of Roberta. She was born in 1952 and reportedly passed away on September 10. Sadly she never got to see Ellen on one of her favorite shows.

More about Ellen Goltzer

Golden Bachelor contestant Ellen Goltzer is a retired school teacher who taught for many years in New York. After she retired she moved to Florida. She is very close to her two sons.

Ellen is hoping to find love with Gerry Turner and live out her golden years together. She also enjoys staying active and into fitness. Plus, she likes pickleball and golf. Sounds like someone Gerry can relate to!

Fans will have to tune in every Thursday night to see how far Ellen makes it on The Golden Bachelor. Thoughts go out to her and Roberta’s family as they continue to mourn this incredible loss.

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