‘Pump Rules’ Tom Sandoval Tells His Side On ‘Everybody Loves Tom’

Are things beginning to even out for Tom Sandoval from Vanderpump Rules? Seemingly, the Pump Rules star has been branching out to different types of work. Recently, Tom started his podcast to share his side of the story as well as have conversations with friends.

Introducing Everybody Loves Tom

Admittedly, Tom Sandoval has been under a microscope since his cheating scandal with Rachel Leviss, aka Raquel. Now, six months later, Tom is voicing his side in the new Everybody Loves Tom. In many ways, he seems to be trying to resuscitate his career and image by opening up about his experience. Discussions emerged about his actions and the response of being shunned by the world after making mistakes.

Rachel Leviss And Where They Stand

Right after it all happened, Tom Sandoval and Rachel Leviss were still talking. Tom feels hurt that she says she went through it alone even though he was there. He described the aftermath, “We’re shellshocked like obviously, our world’s crumbling. We haven’t slept. So we just sort of started pretending and almost like acting. It felt weird and gross.” Elaborating, he explained, “It just felt like you’re making out with your mistress at your wife’s funeral. It’s f-cking gross. We felt it was wrong. We’re like ‘f-ck this, we’re not filming anymore.’ And she went to Arizona the next day.” He stayed to film Winter House, but that eventually fell through. They haven’t talked since June.

Tom Sandoval Takes About “Dark Times”

Pump Rules Tom Sandoval depicts what it was like to be scrutinized and see the repercussions of his actions. At the time, he didn’t know how it would affect his mental health. He said it was very dark times, feeling like he wasn’t able to go anywhere without people condemning him for his behavior. And while he admits his actions were wrong, he didn’t realize the extent of how the world would make him relive his mistakes over and over.

Unfortunately, with all the judgment, he felt persecuted and it took its toll on his mental health. He reached a low point where he became suicidal. Afterwards, he discussed, “Honestly, I think that quitting the drinking and going on tour, it might have actually saved my life. I can’t imagine being cooped up, because I couldn’t go anywhere at the time, not being able to do anything. Just wallowing and misery.”


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Admittedly, he says he was so unhappy and didn’t know how to handle his life. Likewise, he knows he made a huge mistake cheating on Ariana Madix and hates the ripple effect it had on so many people.

What Is Going Between Ariana Madix And Tom Sandoval Now?

Tom Sandoval said, “Ariana was somebody that I did love very dearly, and you know I would never ever want to hurt somebody like that. Even my worst enemy. But I think that’s why sometimes you end up hurting those people you care about the most – because of your strong connection with them. You say that there’s a thin line between love and hate because the opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s indifference.”

There was initially so much hate, but it was mentioned that Ariana is finally starting to “soften up.” He says they are starting to cohabitate and be on neutral terms together. He gave an example of how she was recently going through a bunch of boxes, with no eye contact the entire time. However, showing progress a few days later, “Today she came downstairs. Billy was over, she was like ‘So what’s up’ to Billy. I mean after being around you know, in the same house for six months…”

Recently, both have been branching out to new ventures.

Did you tune into Everybody Loves Tom? What do you think about Tom Sandoval’s new podcast? Do you think Tom can get back in the good graces of viewers? Give your thoughts in the comments below.

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