‘RHONJ’ Melissa Gorga Embarrasses Herself With Photoshop Fail

Real Housewives of New Jersey star, Melissa Gorga, put herself out there with some photos from a cousin’s wedding she posted to Instagram. Over the weekend, Melissa and her family attended the wedding of Melissa’s cousin Nicholas Marco.

Melissa Gorga Spotlights Her Attendance

The family was attending Nicholas Marco’s wedding who was marrying his partner, Mike Masco. However, the RHONJ star loves the spotlight. Naturally, following the wedding, Melissa Gorga shared photos from the celebration on her Instagram. However, some very observant fans picked up on a major Photoshop fail in one of the pictures.

Is Melissa Gorga Altering Photos?

In one photo with Melissa Gorga, Joe, and their daughter Antonia, Real Housewives of New Jersey fans noticed that Melissa’s stomach area looked strange. They concluded that Melissa attempted to Photoshop her stomach area to look thinner but failed miserably. What was left made the picture look distorted. Unquestionably, it doesn’t make sense for her to photoshop any photo of herself. Given that, Melissa Gorga is very thin and sports a flat stomach already. Undeniably, Melissa has a great body so not sure why a photo would be altered.


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Fans Let Her Know What They Think

Nonetheless, RHONJ fans have several opinions to share about Melissa’s photo. Firstly, many sounded off about the fan-spotted, photoshop failure. Chatter went back and forth making it evident that while some fans didn’t care, others did. “Omfg, that photoshop. Just be real for once,” one comment said. Another added, “This is 100 percent photoshop.”

Supporting the fact it doesn’t make sense, “She’s the last person who needs Photoshop. Jesus…”  Likewise, “The fact that an already thin person will photoshop her waist for social media is sad. It’s painfully obvious, and she has a great body, so it’s dumb of her to do.” And someone else pointed out, “Sends such a bad message to her own daughter how sick??” Also, another said, ” When you photoshop yourself to be smaller than your teenage daughter, it’s time for some therapy.”


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“It must be miserable and exhausting to be that insecure and obsessed by public opinion and perception,” one comment said. Blasting Melissa, someone else said, “No amount of filter can cover up that black soul of hers.”

Someone else defended Melissa Gorga saying, “How do we know she photoshopped this? She could be standing weird and had a photo taken. This looks like a normal skinny tummy to me.”

Melissa Gorga Also Committed A Wedding Faux Pas

Not only did fans blast Melissa Gorga for her presumed Photoshop fail, but she also committed a blaring wedding faux pas. Commenters were outraged at Melissa for wearing white to her cousin’s wedding. One person said, “Leave it to that narc to wear white to a wedding. I know there wasn’t a wedding gown but still.” Another ripped, “Did this beast and her trash bag sister, wear WHITE to wedding???? Omg. I shouldn’t be surprised.” And, ” Ugly dress and who wears white to a wedding I don’t care if they are both males. Zero class.”

Needless to say, fans have pounced on the photo and told what they think.

What do you think about Melissa Gorga’s photo in question? Do you think the RHONJ star altered the photo? Was it a big deal that she wore white? Tell us what you think below.

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