‘Today’ Why Was Fan Favorite Hoda Kotb Replaced?

Viewers were surprised to not see Hoda Kotb present on Wednesday’s episode of Today. The fan-favorite anchor was replaced by Sheinelle Jones and she stepped into Hoda’s spot next to Jenna Hager easily. It left many people wondering where Hoda Kotb is and if she will return. Keep reading to find out the details.

Hoda’s Increasing Number Of Absences

Over the last year or so, Hoda Kotb has been absent from the set of Today with increasing frequency. The 59-year-old has had health issues as well as family matters to attend to. Some of the absences wound up being several weeks long, leaving fans wondering when she’d return.

In February, she was absent from the show for an extended period of time. Later, it was revealed that her four-year-old daughter had fallen seriously ill and wound up in the hospital for more than a week. While Hoda has kept the specific details of her daughter’s condition private, she has shared updates on her health here and there over the last several months.

Since then, it seemed like Hoda Kotb was getting back into the swing of things. She appeared on Today as normal and even took a small break to drop her two children off for the first day of school.

Image: YouTube/TODAY

So, when viewers noticed that Hoda was missing once again this week, they immediately began to wonder where she was. Jenna introduced Sheinelle as the person standing in for Hoda and quickly addressed the anchor’s absence.

“Hoda is feeling a little under the weather, but she will be back,” Jenna Hager shared with viewers. Sheinelle added that she hoped Hoda had a speedy recovery, saying “Feel better, Hoda,” before they turned their attention to hosting the daily show.

To add a bit of humor to the situation, Jenna Hager assured viewers that Hoda wouldn’t be watching the show from her bed. “She ain’t watching. I can promise you that,” she said with a laugh.

Fans Are Eager To See Hoda Kotb Back On ‘Today’

Hoda fans quickly took to social media to express their well wishes for the Today host.

Image: YouTube/TODAY

“I hope @hodakotb is chilling today, and feeling better,” one person wrote on X. Another person added, “I miss @hodakotb when she’s not on.”

When it comes to sharing information about her own health, Hoda has remained fairly private. No updates have been shared via social media and she has chosen not to provide any specific updates online.

One thing is for sure though, fans are ready to see her alongside Jenna Hager again. Right now, there are no details about when Hoda will make her return. However, her co-anchors have assured viewers that it will be soon.

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