Days of Our Lives Review for the Week of 9-25-23: Xander Calls Out Sarah While Another Salemite’s World Is Turned Upside Down

Will Xander end up alone?

On Days of Our Lives during the week of 9-25-29, Chloe did the honorable thing. She told him the truth about the paternity of Sarah’s baby, which left their relationship in limbo—and Sarah dished out a double dose of hypocritical judgmentalism when Xander confronted her.

Xander deserves the chance to be the father of his child, but romantically, he may be out of luck.

This secret needed to come out, and the payoff was perfect.

Chloe learned the truth because of one of the most annoying Days tropes: Rex and Philip talking publicly about how Rex was only pretending to be the father of Sarah’s baby. When will people learn to keep their mouths shut in the Square?

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Occasionally, someone displays common sense and goes into an allegedly private area, but for the most part, secrets come to the surface when the wrong person wanders by. Still, Chloe’s discovering the truth worked.

Her eye-rolling as she learned that Rex and Sarah believed Xander was too dangerous to be told he had a daughter lent a humourous touch to these scenes. It was clear that Chloe loved Xander and didn’t appreciate the way these idiots were talking about him.

I hoped that Chloe coming clean wouldn’t spell the end of Xander and Chloe as a couple. These two genuinely have fun together. There are no obnoxious baby voices, demands for perfection, or praying that the tenth go-around with the same partner will work out.

And there was no real reason for Chloe and Xander to break up. As Philip pointed out, co-parenting with someone you don’t live with is a thing—something Chloe knows well since she and Daniel did it for years with Parker.

But alas, as soon as Chloe learned the truth, she called off the wedding, sent Xander to try to work things out with Sarah, and cried her eyes out before telling Nancy and Philip that the relationship was over.

Backing away from marrying Xander until the paternity mess is straightened out is one thing, but why end the relationship altogether?

There may be a fine line between love and hate, but Xander shouldn’t forgive Sarah for her insistence that he’s a “toxic influence” harmful to their baby. If he loves Chloe, why shouldn’t they remain together?

You can list every sin I’ve ever committed, all the way down to my unpaid parking tickets, but that doesn’t give you the right to disqualify me as a father.


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Added: September 29, 2023

Sarah needed to get off her high horse, but that’ll never happen. At some point, Xander will likely grovel enough to please her. Ugh.

Understandably, Sarah disapproves of some of Xander’s actions. He does underhanded things when he feels cornered, and whether or not it’s fair to argue that he caused Susan’s death, he DID team up with Ava even though he knew it was a terrible idea.

He also recently turned down EJ’s offer to hire him to kill Ava, but Sarah would likely throw that back in his face if she knew about it.

Sarah had no reason to fear Xander until she decided he didn’t have a right to his child.

It doesn’t matter that she—without the backing of any court, anywhere—decided without evidence that he was harmful to the baby. Legally, he has rights that have not been terminated, and all that noise she and Rex made about not allowing Xander to be with his daughter doesn’t change that.

That doesn’t mean Xander can storm in and take baby Victoria. He needs proof that he’s the father and a custody agreement before he ends up in trouble for parental kidnapping.

Sarah and Xander seem to have no future, though anything can happen in Salem. Since they can’t work this out independently, Xander must go through legal channels.

If Justin forgives him for the Bonnie-napping, he may help Xander assert his parental rights. This custody trial would be must-see TV!

I had to laugh, too, when Rex said no judge would ever award custody to a convicted felon like Xander. Brady’s been moping for a month or two because a judge did just that with his daughter.

Sarah’s sneering condemnation of Xander was perfectly juxtaposed with Angelica’s letter to Victor.

Some viewers think that somehow it’ll turn out that Xander is Victor’s son, not Alex. But Alex would recognize his mother’s handwriting, so it’s unlikely that anyone forged that letter, and it would be ridiculous if it turned out Angelica named both her sons Alexander.

Like Sarah, Angelica felt it was “best for everyone” if then-baby Alexander didn’t know who his father was. Angelica had the same complaints about Victor that Sarah did about Xander.

It was so similar that no one would have known the difference if there were another Days of Our Lives time jump, and this was a letter from Sarah to Victoria.

Maggie was preoccupied with learning what Victor had done, but I wish she’d connect those dots. Someone needs to tell Sarah the future she is sentencing her daughter to if she doesn’t stop the nonsense.

Understandably, this news turns Alex’s world upside down, though his insistence that Justin, who raised him, is “nothing” to him or “just a cousin” is ridiculous.

Alex could feel confused about what this means or who he is without denying the years he spent being raised by Justin or his closeness with Justin or Sonny. It would be more realistic for him to have mixed feelings; he might still value and love his father and brother but also wonder what it means that he’s biologically related to Victor.

Sonny could have been more empathetic during the conversation, but he was right about one thing: Alex getting drunk and wallowing in self-pity over this was immature and pathetic.

Everyone in Salem seems to turn to alcohol the second anything goes wrong. It’s about time someone was called out on it.

It was somewhat silly that Victor included in his will that heads would roll when he found out who had interfered with his divorce from Vivian, but it did the trick. Maggie now has a claim to Victor’s fortune, and Vivian has nothing.

Well, that was very dramatic. But you always underestimate me. Did you really think I’d bring you an original copy of the will without ensuring that it has gone through probate?


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Unfortunately, Alex is so down on himself that he’s considering Vivian’s proposal to team up against Maggie. Ugh. Let’s not, please.

Meanwhile, Days of Our Lives’ goofiest storyline ever got even sillier. Harris finding a “sign” in a bunch of crumbs that spelled the letter E was right up there with that animated Devil emoji on Marlena’s phone back in 2021!

That sign led Ava and  Harris straight to Edmund’s door, but instead of being a loveable, clumsy near-soulmate to Susan, Edmund is now a bad guy who apparently kidnapped her.

What? That’s not his character. Why are we going in this direction all of a sudden?

Maybe Rafe and Jada will save the day since they can go off to London in search of a fugitive who they know did NOT commit a crime even though the police station staff consists of the two of them.

They had no jurisdiction in London when Chanel was accused of a crime there, but now they can hunt fugitives there themselves. Getting Ava back to the States, even though they know it’s self-defense, is such a priority that they’ll harass Tripp into telling them where Ava went.

Someone make this make sense.

Gwen’s revenge plan also made little sense. Kristen’s plans for violence were unnecessary, but Gwen went too far in the other direction. Please tell us that throwing a pie at Leo’s face isn’t the whole plan!

For some added Friday fun, Vivian shot Dimitri in the back after he pulled a gun he stole from Kristen on Stefan and Gabi. That gun would not have been in his hands if Kristen had left it in the safe instead of pointing it at him in the first place.

Where’s Rachel? She got Brady arrested when she saw him pull a gun on Kristen but was nowhere in sight when Kristen did the same thing to Dimitri. Is Kristen spending ANY time with her daughter now that she has custody of her?

Kristen threatening Dimitri over her share of money that does not yet exist was stupid. For some reason, these two remind me of Yellowstone’s Beth and Jamie Dutton, except sillier.

Where do we go from here now that Vivian has shot Dimitri? She probably did it to protect Stefan, but knowing Vivian, she’ll want a favor in return.

Meanwhile, Dimitri will likely live. We’ve had more than enough death recently, and the tribute to Victor doesn’t need to be dampened by yet another probably fake death.

If Dimitri is alive, Gwen and Leo fighting over who gets to care for him will add to the drama, not that I care about this ridiculous love triangle.

Finally, Paulina fired Trask! It’s about time someone had the guts to.

Trask’s idea of justice is to do whatever the hell she wants, legal or not, to get people thrown in jail that she believes are guilty. 

Paulina was right that the problem wasn’t that Trask signed off on an arrest warrant for Chanel; it was that she purposely had the police arrest CHanel in the most humiliating way possible for no reason other than her personal satisfaction in making people suffer.

It was beyond time that someone held Trask accountable.

It’ll be fun if she teams up with Sloan to get a baby adopted. Which of them will come up with the idea of stealing Nicole’s baby first?

Li got his digs in, too. I generally have little use for him, but his secretly recording Trask and informing her that he knew she was playing him was a delicious serving of karma.

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