Savannah Chrisley’s Abuse Claims Confirmed?

Savannah Chrisley started shouting about poor prison conditions within weeks of her parents’ incarceration. And now, it seems that a prison worker confirmed her claims. Clearly, it shows that the Chrisley Knows Best alum isn’t exaggerating about how bad it is for the inmates.

Savannah Chrisley Got Slammed After Prison Condition Complaints

If you don’t know, Todd Chrisley works in the prison chapel in Pensacola, Florida. Meanwhile, his wife, Julie stays in the FMC Lexington in Kentucky. Shockingly, her daughter revealed that allegedly the prisoners share space with poisonous snakes. Actually, some people feel that she exaggerates how bad the prisons are. However, it now seems that’s not the case. As for Pensacola, she claimed no air conditioning, heat, and loads of black mold. Is that all fact-based?

Increasingly, critics slam Savannah Chrisley for only recently taking an interest in the prison system. In fact, many people hate her for only doing something because it affects the Chrisley Knows Best family.  However, her efforts might help a lot of other prisoners. Now, it seems that she might also help workers in the prison service. If the rumored book by Julie and Todd comes out, it might also help prison workers.

todd chrisley going to federal prison was my 9/11.

— karinahefner (@superfic111al) July 26, 2023

Savannah Chrisley & Her Dad Talk About Poor Prison Service

Todd Chrisley already revealed that allegedly, someone intercepted and destroyed his mail. Mostly, he communicates his prison conditions via his two older children with Julie. This week, a post on his Instagram account arrived. Todd’s instagram post claimed, “This letter came to @savannahchrisley email from a whistleblower.”

Next, he talked about the “government shutdown looming.” Calling it “irony,” he added, “and I receive an anonymous email from staff at @bureauofprisons FPC Pensacola.” The letter voiced the whistleblower’s concerns “about inhumane working conditions.”

Todd Chrisley Shares Shocking Prison Worker’s Email To Savannah – Instagram

Savannah Chrisley, it seems, isn’t exaggerating at all. In the letter, a long list of complaints dealt with hectic mold infestations. The letter detailed the heat, including in the chapel. Allegedly, instances of prison workers being put in danger arose. In one of them, the severe mold meant drastic action. However, staff were instructed to use “chlorine” to kill it. Apparently, the fumes were so bad a massive health risk ensued.

Todd Chrisley – Julie Chrisley – YouTubePrison Workers Shocked

Savannah Chrisley might be happy to know that the prison workers themselves feel shocked about poor conditions. Allegedly, they fear for their own health. Most of all, the whistleblower feels puzzled. Notably, the letter claims that “the Navy” condemned the facility “in 2020.” However, the Bureau of Prisons and “the Navy…allow the workers to work, and operate in these conditions.”

Do you think that the news Todd Chrisley shared about a prison worker backs up Savannah’s claim? Will it make any difference? Perhaps, Todd might go home and serve the rest of his sentence under house arrest. Let us know in the comments below. And, remember to come back here for more news about the former stars of Chrisley Knows Best.

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