‘Shark Tank’: Where To Buy Gatsby Chocolate

Shark Tank is back tonight with its Season 15 premiere, and four new products are here for the sharks to choose from. One of the products is called Gatsby Chocolate. As the name indicates, this is a chocolate bar snack.

Here is a look at Gatsby Chocolate, what makes it special, and where you can buy it after seeing it on Shark Tank.

What is Gatsby Chocolate on Shark Tank?

Gatsby Chocolate offers something a little healthier in the arena of chocolate bars. These are low-calorie chocolate bars that promise to offer high flavor despite that. It also has a successful name behind it. Founder Doub Bouton previously co-founded Halo Top Ice Cream. What makes his chocolate bar different is how he makes it.

Bouton has the goal of finding the right balance between people who want to watch their calories but are not willing to sacrifice the healthy aspects for the taste.

After co-founding Halo Top Ice Cream in 2013, he helped turn that into a juggernaut brand, and it even started selling more than Ben & Jerry’s in 2017. This, if anything, proves that Bouton knows how to market his products. It is also a nice success story for someone who left a career in law to become an entrepreneur. Bouton sold Halo Top Ice Cream and is now setting his sights on a bigger market – chocolate treats. The treats went on sale for the first time in 2022.

The Gatsby Chocolate bars contain only 180 to 201 calories per bar, and the peanut butter cups only have 50 calories per cup. The company also looked into supplying chocolate for dietary restrictions, including an Oat Milk-based line for vegan and plant-based options. This means they have 75% less sugar than most competitors, 50% fewer calories, 80% less cabs, and 50% less fat.

Where to buy Gatsby Chocolate from Shark Tank

There are several different Gatsby Chocolate products to purchase after seeing it on Shark Tank. The flavors include Sea Salt Extra Dark Chocolate (vegan), Almond Dark Chocolate, and Cookies & Cream (their best-selling product). They also have Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups that are plant-based. They list the Fudge Brownie as another best-selling product.

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The good news is that people can find Gatsby Chocolates in Walmart, Safeway, Albertsons, Vons, Pavilions, and more. According to the company website, they are the number one reviewed chocolate on Walmart.com. They also offer a newsletter for anyone who offers up their email on the website. When going to Walmart.com, the bars cost $3.84 each. Amazon also sells them, but only in bulk, for $64.92 for 12 bars.

Shark Tank Season 15 premieres on ABC on Sept. 29 at 8/7c.

Do you want to try Gatsby Chocolate from Shark Tank? Is it something that sharks should have bit on? Let us know your thoughts on this Shark Tank product in the comments below.

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