‘Shark Tank’: Where To Buy Pie Wine Made For Pizza

Shark Tank Season 19 premieres tonight, and there is a new product that sounds both tasty and a lot of fun. The product has an interesting name – Pie Wine Made For Pizza. This is a product that the sharks can make a deal for if they so desire, and here is what you need to know about this new Shark Tank offering.

What is Pie Wine Made For Pizza on Shark Tank?

Josh Green and Kevin Klein created Pie Wine Made For Pizza in 2022. The two men, who have been friends for more than three decades, loved pizza and thought that it was a great idea to craft wines specifically to drink with pizza.  This was all about what the two called “culinary exploration.” They wanted to find the best beverage that would complement pizza and are now bringing it to Shark Tank.

This meant that they felt like the wine needed to be carbonated, unlike conventional wines. Since this adds a slight sparkle to the drinking experience, it helps it go great with the taste of pizza. They ended up creating their wines using premium-quality California grapes and used the essence from that region’s vineyards. They also created different flavors of the wine since there are so many different flavors of pizza to match them with.

This made them create three kinds of Pie Wine Made For Pizza. There is Red Wine, Sweet Wine, and White Wine. The Special PieWine Red Wine is sweet with a bold undertone. This is made for meat-topped pizzas and those with a robust tomato sauce. The PieWine Rose Wine is a fruit-forward wine that pairs with veggie pizzas or pies with creamy sauces. The PieWine White Wine is a dry, robust wine made to go with seafood pizzas or those with complex mixes of herbs and cheese.

Where to buy Pie Wine Made For Pizza from Shark Tank

Anyone who sees Pie Wine Made For Pizza on Shark Tank and wants to try it for themselves can buy it through the company website at piewine.com. After revealing you are 21 years old, the site has different options to buy the wine that would go with any pizza dinner.

1 Day From SharkTank Premier#Piewine #Pizza #Wine #sharktank pic.twitter.com/4cAQt4dVwR

— PieWines (@PieWines) September 28, 2023

The four-packs of each brand of wine run $20. There are also 12-pack containers that run $60. This averages out to be $5 per can in whatever quantity you want them in. The company also sells merchandise, including tee shirts for $25, a hoodie for $50, and a ball cap for $25.

Make sure to catch the Shark Tank Season 15 premiere on Friday night, Sept. 29, at 8/7c on ABC.

Do you think that Pie Wine Made For Pizza looks like something the sharks should bite on? Do you want to try it yourself? Let us know your thoughts on this Shark Tank product in the comments below.

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