Totally 1983: That Was The Year That Was, Saturday, 21.35, Channel 5

We gave this series a bit of a qualified recommendation last week as we didn’t know what it would entail, but it turned out to be pretty good all told, venturing much further than the first page of YouTube and offering up some pretty interesting clips. And the choice of subjects is refreshing as well, the inevitable piece on the summer of 76 spending much of its time reflecting on how the soaring temperatures created a tinderbox atmosphere at the Notting Hill Carnival, alongside some other items going off the beaten track and focusing on news rather than fashion and fads which is a brave choice for Saturday nights. Plus Stuart Maconie turns up as well, just to emphasise its debt to I Love The Seventies. So it’s a thumbs up from us, and this one should be worth checking out as well for the battle of the breakfasts.

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