‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Tom Sandoval Bribed To Film

Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules star Tom Sandoval is claiming on his podcast Everybody Loves Tom that he was bribed to film with stars Lisa Vanderpump and Scheana Shay at the end of Season 10. After news of Tom’s affair with Rachel Levis broke, he alleges the Bravo producers told him if he filmed with his fellow costars he would be cast in Winter House.

Everybody Loves Tom

Tom Sandavol’s reputation has taken a nose dive after the reveal of his affair with Raquel Levis. So what does Tom decide to do to heal the wounds to his reputation? Start a podcast of course. Tom Sandavol recently released the premier episode of his podcast Everybody Loves Tom. Fans of VPR tuning in may just be curious about Tom’s delusions. In his premiere episode, Tom claims that the only reason he filmed with stars Lisa Vanderpump and Scheana Shay was because Bravo producers dangled a mighty sweet carrot in front of him. According to Tom if he agreed to film he would be cast in Winter House. According to Sandoval, Bravo backed out of the deal. Bravo is of course denying these claims.

The Two Toms

Amid Tom Sandoval’s drama with his affair and algid bribes, his castmate Tom Schwartz did end up filming for Winter House. In a recent post on Instagram, Tom Schwartz is seen surrounded by cameras. It appears the Toms are at war for the same role. In an interview with US Weekly Schwartz said “I’m down, you guys. I would love to do Winter House again.” It sounds like his first season of the show went well.


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It looks like for some reason Schwartz got the role and Sandoval didn’t. Who knows about the future of Winter House, though. They like to change up who is on this cast each season so you never know if both could end up there next season or even neither one of them.

Do you think it’s fair that Bravo told Tom Sandoval he would get a role on the Bravo spin-off Winter House and then took it away from him? Do you think this is really what happened even though Bravo is denying it now? Sound off in the comments below. Also, don’t miss Winter House Season 3 and Vanderpump Rules Season 11 when both return to Bravo soon. These are both going to be full of drama.

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