Which Real Housewives Are Most Likely to Win The Traitors Season 2?

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Brandi Glanville was the only cast member from the Real Housewives franchise to star on The Traitors Season 1. Following several chaotic years on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Brandi was labeled a pot-stirrer, or better yet, a traitor.

From Seasons 2-5, Brandi spilled the tea and stirred the pot amongst her Real Housewives co-stars. In Season 3, Brandi revealed that Adrienne Maloof had used a surrogate to carry her twin sons. Then, Brandi, who wasn’t even on Season 10, used her lips to create one of this season’s most dramatic storylines. Here, she let it slip that she and Denise Richards had shared a steamy tryst, which Denise vehemently denied.

There’s no denying that Brandi wasn’t always a solid friend to those on her cast. Moving past Real Housewives, Brandi’s behaviors again veered towards the chaotic while starring on The Traitors Season 1. Here, she was banished by Episode 4. Even though Brandi was sneaky, she again failed to play nice with her co-stars, who therefore voted her out.

The Traitors Season 2 will air in 2024. In this second showing, four Real Housewives stars will now be seen. All four of these chosen personalities have a few character traits in common. To explain, they’re all outspoken, they’re all messy, and they’re all hard to trust.

Larsa Pippen, Phaedra Parks, Shereé Whitfield, and Tamra Judge each have their work cut out for them, as they navigate the playing fields on The Traitors. Amongst these personalities, we think that only one has what it takes to go the distance. In order of how long we predict each will last, these are the Real Housewives most likely to win The Traitors Season 2.

Phaedra Parks – We Think You’re Out First

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Phaedra last appearance on the Real Housewives of Atlanta was at the Season 9 reunion. During this multi-episode recap, Phaedra was exposed as being the source of a vicious lie. In this lie, Kandi Burruss and her husband, Todd Tucker, were accused of conspiring to drug and rape Porsha Williams. Porsha brought this hideous allegation to Kandi, who vehemently denied the serious claim.

When placed in the hot seat during part 4 of the reunion, Phaedra’s lies quickly unraveled. First, Kandi and Todd faced off with Porsha, who then passed the blame on to Phaedra. When Porsha claimed that she was told about this rumor by Phaedra, Phaedra’s face gave away the truth almost immediately. From quickened blinking to frozen stares to explanations that made zero sense, Phaedra was busted.

In the game of The Traitors, poker faces are essential. Contestants are either labeled as a Faithful, or, they are secretly chosen to be a Traitor. In order to see themselves out of the hot seat(s), these contestants must be able to quickly spin a believable lie, with a straight, convincing face. As was seen on Bravo, Phaedra is prone to failing in both of these departments, so we think that she’ll be one of the first Real Housewives stars eliminated from The Traitors Season 2 castle.

Tamra Judge – You’re Not Likely To Last Long Either


Tamra has a huge personality, which has seen her being both loved and loathed on Real Housewives of Orange County. We all know that Tamra likes to speak her truth, and that she has loudly yelled “that’s my opinion!” when faced with any backlash. In order to be successful on the Traitors, however, Tamra would have to take a completely different route. On this, frankly, we aren’t sure that Tamra has what it takes to survive.

To avoid early eliminations, contestants have to win the respect of their co-stars. This means that feathers cannot be ruffled, friendships must be forged, and trust must be obtained. As Tamra is known for calling out everyone, close friends included, we don’t think that she’ll be able to remain on the cast of the Traitors Season 2 long enough to take home a win.

Shereé Whitfield – Whose Gonna Check Her, Boo?

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Shereé, in our humble opinions, will go far on The Traitors Season 2. Sure, she’s a horrible liar, and she’s typically on the wrong side of her cast’s many arguments. However, she’s also created several iconic, fun scenes, and we all know that “chateau she-don’t-pay!” wants a win.

As her friendships with her co-stars has been splotchy, at best, Shereé will have to work smart to make it all the way to the end. If she plays the game well, we do believe that she’ll be able to slide under the radar much better than that of Phaedra and Tamra. To that end, we think that Shereé will last for awhile on The Traitors Season 2.

Larsa Pippen – With A Built-In Alliance, Miami Could Take It

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Larsa has often been a polarizing cast member on Real Housewives of Miami. That said, she is entering the cast of The Traitors with a built-in alliance already secured, which none of the other Real Housewives stars can claim. You see, also on this chosen cast is Marcus Jordan, who Larsa has been dating since late 2022.

Alliances are everything in this competition. With Marcus by her side, vouching for her innocence in any dirty schemes that might transpire, Larsa’s longevity on this series has an actual fighting chance. For this reason alone, we think that Larsa will be the last Real Housewives star left standing on The Traitors Season 2.


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