‘RHONY’ Brynn Whitfield’s Chronic Financial Struggles Revealed

RHONY star Brynn Whitfield’s chronic financial struggles have been revealed. It seems that she has been in hot water monetarily for some time now. So, what are the major issues that she is facing and can she recover from this? More so, should it impact her future on the show? Read on for more details.

RHONY Brynn Whitfield’s Chronic Financial Struggles Revealed

After Season 13 of RHONY, the hit Bravo series was left up in the air. The network knew that the show was immensely popular but something needed to change. Therefore, they went back to the drawing board and decided to reboot it for Season 14. An all-new group of women would be joining and then a legacy cast would have a separate show. Brynn Whitfield was cast as one of the newcomers and she was never afraid to speak her mind. Now, it seems that she has some stuff that she may have left unsaid.

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According to The Sun, Brynn has left a trail of unpaid debts. This started about a decade ago in 2014 when she was evicted from her NYC studio apartment. Allegedly, she could not pay the $2500/month rent as her lease started in 2013 but then, after one year, went month-to-month. When she was not paying, she was served papers. Per the landlord’s lawyer: “The respondent continues to be in possession of the premise without the permission of the Petitioner-Landlord after the expiration of said term.” In the end, Brynn Whitfield owed four months’ worth of back rent.

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After all was said and done, Brynn lost and had to pay up to the tune of 7K. That’s a pretty penny but it seems she did not learn her lesson from that debacle. Currently, the RHONY star owes back taxes and it is much more than 7K. Apparently, Whitfield owes around 30K with a state tax and IRS lien in California. These date back to 2019 and 2021. Though she struggles to pay her taxes and previously her rent, it is rumored that she is worth 3 million dollars. As to how accurate that is, no one is quite certain.

Housewife Struggles

Brynn Whitfield is not the only housewife who has faced money issues. RHOC alum, Lynne Curtin’s daughter was served an eviction notice on the show. Lynne’s husband, Frank had been indulging her and hiding their money problems. Additionally, RHOA alum, Kim Zolciak owes 1 million to the IRS. So, this is not unfounded in the land of housewives. The RHONY reboot did so well that it forced Peacock to move the RHONY Legacy UGT premiere date up. Therefore, this likely won’t impact Brynn’s return for another season if the show comes back.

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