Will ‘Gold Rush’ Spinoff ‘Hoffman Family Gold’ Be Back For Season 3?

Gold Rush Season 14 just premiered with a lot of drama and excitement. Meanwhile, Hoffman Family Gold Season 2 just ended with some last-minute gold mining success.

Discovery fans are getting a lot of great gold mining series, and everyone is talking about all of the series. Therefore, will Todd Hoffman’s series be back for Season 3?

Here is the latest news on Todd, Hunter, Jack, and team.

Hoffman Family Gold used with Discovery’s permissionWill Hoffman Family Gold Be Back For Season 3?

Recently, Hoffman Family Gold ended their second season by making their 1,000-ounce goal. They even managed to mine a little extra for good measure. Just a few days ago, Todd Hoffman went to Twitter to reveal that they just finished filming Season 3. This is what he wrote in a now-deleted tweet.

We got close with our film crew and we are all sharing our time together all day doing our jobs. These guys are the best crew I have ever had. Best shot show we have ever done. Not saying it’s the best content I’m saying it’s the best shot show. Lol.

The camera expertise was fantastic. You’re in for a treat. I personally had some tough things that happened to me this season but God is good. I got to connect with the showrunner Matt on a different level and feel like brothers now. Our DP was incredible and never took the easy road on the shots. The camera crew that couldn’t be heard we salute you too. Thankful for everyone’s hard work. love you guys!!

Season 3 in the can.

Firstly, fans who have been following Todd are not surprised that the film crews have been following Todd on this social media platform know that they have been filming. However, it seems that the drama will not be between father and son, Todd and Hunter. Instead, it sounds like Todd has been dealing with some personal issues.

It isn’t a Gold Rush series without some personal drama! However, Todd is very happy with how production went.

Hoffman Family Gold Used with Discovery’s permissionWhen Is Hoffman Family Gold Returning For Season 3?

When should fans of Hoffman Family Gold expect to see the premiere of Season 3 of the Gold Rush spinoff? Firstly, Discovery has not made any sort of announcement about renewing the series.

However, Todd is not going to lie about this. Also, the network rarely if ever announces renewing their reality series. Usually, the stars of the series let fans know what is happening.

As for when it will return, it seems likely that it will be sometime in the spring or early summer. Season 1 premiered in late March, while Season 2 in June. It seems likely that Season 3 will premiere in that same time frame. This series fills in nicely after Gold Rush is done airing. This keeps that same group of viewers content all year round.

Hoffman Family Gold Used with Discovery’s permissionJack Hoffman Celebrates A Special Birthday

Last month, Jack Hoffman turned 78 years old. Todd also revealed on his social media that the camera crews filmed this special birthday. Without Jack Hoffman’s dream of returning north to find gold, there would not be these fantastic series for fans to watch.

This promises to be a special segment in the upcoming season.

Just filmed a scene with my dad as we celebrate his birthday. Not sure what will make the edit but he got to say some really great things. He’s 78 years old. He’s my example and part of the reason I Love the Lord. My example of fatherhood was solid. Solid. #goldrush pic.twitter.com/PaUhAXVkxy

— ToddHoffman (@goldrushtodd) September 15, 2023

Gold Rush fans, are you happy that Discovery is bringing another season of Todd Hoffman and family? Share your thoughts about Season 2 and what you would like to see in Season 3.

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