Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 10-02-23: Will An Overhard Conversation Be The End of Belle and Shawn?

It’s the end for Belle and Shawn… maybe.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of 10-02-23 suggest that the soap will again use the overheard conversation trope to make Belle aware that Shawn slept with Talia.

The fallout from this could be spectacular, even if it’s the second time in as many weeks that someone heard a secret not meant for their ears!

Shawn should have told Belle in the first place. She knew he’d been drinking and said nasty things about her multiple infidelities, so she might have understood.

It’s probably the lying more than the one-night stand that bothers her.

Still, the pile-on that’s about to happen feels like a double standard.

Belle has cheated on Shawn on multiple occasions, and he’s always taken her back, but when Shawn has a drunken one-night stand with another of Marlena’s patients, it appears he will incur not only Belle’s wrath but that of her family.

According to the spoiler video, Marlena will accost Talia — will she also fire Shawn as a patient?

This unprofessional behavior is unbecoming of her. It also reinforces the idea that she should not be treating her son-in-law. It interferes with her ability to be a neutral observer of what’s going on.

Shawn couldn’t tell her in therapy what he had done, even though the sessions were supposed to be confidential, because he cheated on his therapist’s daughter.

This was always a recipe for disaster. Shawn should have changed therapists the first time Marlena blabbed his secrets to Belle.

Meanwhile, Rafe looks set to rescue Ave and Harris. Clips from the spoiler video suggest they’ve been arrested, which is ridiculous. Rafe and everyone else knows Ava shot that woman in self-defense.

At least the evil version of Edmund will be short-lived.

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Gwen confronts Leo.

Phew. I was afraid throwing a pie in Leo’s face would be the extent of Gwen’s revenge.

Spoilers say their friendship will fall apart after Leo learns Dimitri has been shot and thinks Gwen arranged it.

I’m not sure why that should end their relationship since they survived having each other thrown in jail for Abigail’s murder, but anything can happen in Salem.

Belle learns the truth about Shawn and Talia.

This won’t be pretty, even if it is somewhat hypocritical on Belle’s part.

As mentioned above, she’s a serial cheater. That doesn’t make what Shawn did right, but it does take the edge off her righteous indignation over this.

According to spoilers, Belle will run to Marlena, setting off a chain reaction of unprofessional interactions between Marlena and her patients.

An unexpected visitor catches Rafe off-guard.

It’s Tripp, and somehow this leads to a dangerous situation.

Tripp likely is worried because he hasn’t heard from Ava.

I thought Rafe and Jada were headed to London — or will Tripp go across the pond too to find and accost them?

Ava and Harris are in a dangerous situation.

Could Edmund be working with EJ?

That doesn’t make much sense; EJ doesn’t seem to know his mother is alive, nor would he want her to be in danger.

But with EJ obsessed with revenge on Ava and supposedly contacting a new associate, I can’t help wondering if associating with him is the catalyst for Edmund’s out-of-character behavior.

Kate tries to talk sense into Rex.

Someone needs to. Rex thinks he has the right to keep a child that is not biologically his from her biological father simply because he doesn’t like the guy.

Tangling with Xander is a bad idea, and legally, Rex has no right to do what he’s doing unless he goes to court and gets a decree terminating Xander’s parental rights.

If anyone can convince Rex to use his brain, it’s Kate, but whether she’ll get through to him is an open question.

Chloe and Philip make a life-changing decision.

Chloe and Philip will decide to leave for New York together.

It’s the best ending possible for both of these characters. They ride off into the sunset and get the happily-ever-after their fans have wanted for years.

I still don’t understand why Chloe can’t stay with Xander while he co-parents with his ex, but if both Chloe and Philip are leaving Salem, this is the best way to write them out.

Susan comes home!

Finally! Hopefully, this puts a stop to EJ’s revenge plans for once and all.

Susan is goofy, but nothing is sillier than this search for her in London, so thank goodness that story is ending.

Now that Susan’s back, what’s next for her? And how long will it be before she drives EJ so up the wall that he ships her back to Memphis?

Brady returns to Salem with Tate.

Tate has been aged and is now a teenager.

They already did the angry kid expelled from boarding school after not being allowed to go to a loved one’s funeral thing when they aged JJ Deveraux, and Theresa was part of that story.

Let’s hope she recognizes the similarities now that she’s in Jennifer’s position; that might be fascinating!

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