Garrison Brown’s Contempt For Kody Is Deep, See Disturbing Clip

Sister Wives fans know very well that Garrison Brown feuds with his dad, Kody Brown but the contempt runs deep, and brewed for a long time. By the time TLC fans saw him take charge in Season 18, the son of Janelle had already drawn a line. Now that a throwback clip rehashed an old scene, fans discussed the dynamics.

Sister Wives Star Garrison Brown Stood Up To  Kody Brown

Like Paedon, the son of Christine, Janelle’s son decided he wanted a military career. However, his dad made him join the Nevada National Guard. That toughened up a young man who stopped taking orders from his father.  By the time Kody insisted on his social distancing rules, pretty much no love was lost between them.

Garrison Brown Says ‘No Need For Father Figure’ Kody – Sister Wives – TLC YouTube

Garrison Brown backed up Gabe who complained about their dad ruining their lives. Of course, that placed Janelle in the middle of a conflict. Noteably it still goes on because Kody snubbed the kids at Christmas in Sister Wives Season 18. However, no amount of snubbing tarnishes the young man in the eyes of TLC fans. In fact, they applauded him for telling the family to “let Robyn have him.”

Garrison Brown Only Has Contempt  – Throwback Vid

Sister Wives fans on Reddit discussed Kody Brown after u/MotorBee6167 shared a post from TikTok.You can see the video further down, and it was set to music and a bad-boy rap theme. The throwback revealed Kody telling his son to obey him. Meanwhile, young Gabe looks on as his older brother starts sassing his dad after he claims, “I’m the General and you’re the Sargeant.”

Instead of cowering, Garrison Brown talked about “the Russian Revolution,” noting that “they ended up shooting their sargents because they didn’t like the orders they were giving them.” *VIDEO LANGUAGE WARNING* 

Redditors commented on the video clip, and one of them said, “If you have to tell someone you’re the general, you’re not the general. Honestly, I’ve never seen a more insecure man child in my life than Kody. If he was as much of a man as he tells everyone he is, he wouldn’t have to say a word about it.”

More Discussion About Kody Brown & Janelle’s Son

Sister Wives fans like that Garrison Brown stood up to Kody Brown. In fact, they adore him because he took charge when his mom and Meri were discussing his dad’s choice to stick with Robyn Brown. However, it becomes clear that his contempt for his dad brewed for a long time.

A viewer said, “He’s done with baby daddy who’s spending most of his time wetting his pencil with wife #4 and thinking he can bark orders like the man he isn’t. Zero leadership or communication skills.”

Another person, talking about the expression on Gabe’s face, said, “I love it. You can tell the moment his respect transfers to his big bro…”

What do you think of the contempt that Garrison Brown apparently has for his father? Do you think that Kody Brown might never be able to make things right with his son? Let us know. in the comments below, and come back here for more news about Sister Wives on TLC.

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