Jessel Taank Throws Shade at RHONY Castmates on Watch What Happens Live

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Jessel Taank made the most recent Real Housewives of New York episode epic after revealing a notebook in which she made notes on all grievances she had with her co-stars. She proceeded to rile up her cast mates by running down all the conflicts with Erin Lichy since the season began.

The result was a pile-on of the real estate professional as the cast sat in the hot tub. Erin was reduced to tears.

Emotions aside, RHONY viewers think Jessel and her notebook are a hilarious pairing. And the fashion professional was asked to comment on all her co-stars in the same style during a recent visit to Watch What Happens Live.

Jessel brought her notebook to WWHL

Andy Cohen presented Jessel with a picture of each one of her cast mates and asked her to react. It started with Sai de Silva. Jessel has minimal issues with her, but she made a fun comment.

“How do you not drink on a Friday. It is the weekend,” Jessel quipped.

Next up was Erin, who suffered the most from Jessel’s notebook thus far. This comment was all about the prank wherein she took Ubah Hassan’s phone and hid it from her.

“Erin needs to stop playing the game of telephone. She’s not good at it. And the Ubah phone prank was just the cherry on top. Let’s not play with phones anymore,” Jessel said.

Speaking of Ubah, Jessel was then asked to comment on the professional mode. She answered, “What happens in the bedroom and stays in the bedroom. And she blasted my snoring.”

Next up was Jenna Lyons. For her, Jessel suggested that the former Creative Director at J. Crew is hiding an edgier side.

“Jenna Lyons, I think, this entire season has been 2015 Taylor Swift. She’s been so nice and sweet. I wanna like see, The Devil Wears Jeans. The Devil Wears Denim. Miranda Priestly. She’s got it in her,” Jessel stated.

Finally, Brynn Whitfield. The cheeky flirt recently stated on her WWHL appearance that she found Jessel forgettable. To that, the mother of two responded, “Brynn said I was forgettable, the last time I was here. When she was on. I just wanna say, the Jessel memes to the Brynn memes.” Jessel proceeded to gesture an imbalanced scale with her hands.

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