NeNe Leakes Feels ‘Severely Punished’ After Bravo Lawsuit

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Real Housewives of Atlanta alum NeNe Leakes is still talking about Bravo, but Bravo is definitely not talking about NeNe. NeNe has been referred to as a legend and icon by Andy Cohen. At one point he said RHOA was the house that NeNe built, and he was absolutely right.

But something changed with NeNe when she found relative success. Hollywood came calling and she began being featured outside of the Bravoverse. NeNe was also the first person to let you know how successful she had become. Then her success started to shift and her actions became questionable.

In an interview with former Real Housewives of New York star and fellow disgruntled Bravoleb Bethenny Frankel, NeNe speaks on how mistreated she’s been since her own reality reckoning was dismissed.

The tale of the tape

NeNe claimed that she was being phased out of RHOA for Season 13, and apparently, she was only offered six episodes. This made NeNe incredibly angry – this is despite feuding with the majority of her co-stars and getting physical on-camera with RHOA production. Bravo responded NeNe was offered a limited amount of episodes because she appeared so miserable.

Cut to the court case. Nene filed a lawsuit against NBCUniversal, Bravo, True Entertainment, Truly Original, and executive producer Andy in April 2022 citing unfavorable working conditions. The case was started in Atlanta and was resolved four months later. After the suit was dismissed, NeNe alleges she hasn’t been able to work in “any arena of entertainment” since. This is wholly untrue because she is all over TikTok as the new face of Poise incontinence products.

Anyway, NeNe told Bethenny that as a result of the lawsuit, she’s being “severely punished.” She said, “What’s happening to me right now with these doors closing everywhere, you would think I have drugged, raped, stabbed, cut somebody.” Who’s gonna remind NeNe she literally called Andy a racist cokehead and future employers probably don’t look at that and say, “Let’s hire her!”

Obviously, NeNe believes Bravo is the overlord of the entertainment industry and fully blacklisted her. Bethenny asked NeNe why she thinks Bravo would call other networks to put her on the no-hire list. “They obviously called ABC and EFG,” NeNe replied. OR maybe NeNe made herself unhirable by publicly trashing people she worked with.

Who is at fault for the fall of NeNe?

“They shut my work down. I do everything. So you mean to tell me as a talented person that there was nothing for me to host? There was nothing for me to act in, sing in, dance in, jump in, clap in? Nothing?” Well I mean, there was also that one-time NeNe made a rape joke when she was “doing comedy,” so this all sounds less like Bravo and more like attitude.

According to NeNe, her agents advised, “the doors were closed.” “Apparently when he says the door is closed, the door is closed all over the entire industry,” NeNe explained.

Well, at least NeNe and Beth can support each other in the knowledge that neither one of them will probably ever appear on Bravo again – but they will both continue talking about it.


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