‘7 Little Johnstons’ Brice’s Parents Stay Silent On Liz’s Pregnancy?

Are 7 Little Johnstons star Brice Bolden’s parents staying silent on Liz Johnston‘s pregnancy news? As the Johnston family weighs in on the huge announcement, fans are curious to know more about how Brice’s family reacted. Keep reading to find out what fans know and see whether Chuck and Jennifer Bolden have said anything publicly.

Liz and Brice will welcome their first baby to the world in November 2023. The couple shared the huge news last month, and fans are very excited for them. Of course, fans assume that Amber and Trent Johnston were disappointed by this news due to their thoughts about Brice and Liz living together before marriage. Nonetheless, the baby will be here soon, and Amber and Trent seem to be excited about their new roles as grandparents. But what does the other side of the family think?

Do Brice Bolden’s parents use social media?

Brice’s parents do have a Facebook profile that they share. However, they don’t post many photos of Brice and Liz. Below, you can see a snap of Brice, his parents, his brothers, and his sister-in-law on Christmas in 2021.

Chuck and Jennifer Bolden Facebook (7 Little Johnstons Brice Bolden)

Fans assume that Chuck and Jennifer want to live a more private life. They aren’t featured on 7 Little Johnstons and don’t have the same social media presence that the Johnstons do.

7 Little Johnstons fans are curious about Brice Bolden’s parents’ reaction.

Because several of the Johnston family members posted about Liz Johnston’s pregnancy news via social media, many are wondering if Chuck and Jennifer will share anything on their Facebook page. As of now, they haven’t shared an announcement publicly. It’s possible that they posted about the big news but didn’t make the post public. Or maybe they weren’t allowed to share anything right away due to a potential agreement with TLC. If the pregnancy or birth will be featured in a future season of 7 Little Johnstons, the families may not be allowed to share much yet.

In the past, fans have noticed that Liz Johnston isn’t ever featured on Brice Bolden’s parents’ Facebook page.

On Reddit, fans are speculating about Chuck and Jennifer’s reaction to the pregnancy news. One fan noted, “They don’t even feature her in their social media posts and she’s pregnant with their grand baby now.”

Someone else added, “I wondered about Brice’s parents also. They never seemed very keen on Brice moving in with her.”

Another chimed in, “They wouldn’t even let her come to church with him!!”

Liz Johnston and Brice Bolden – YouTube

It’s possible that the news was well-received. But it’s hard for fans to know because Chuck and Jennifer aren’t as active on social media as the Johnstons are.

So, how do you think Brice Bolden’s parents Chuck and Jennifer reacted to the pregnancy announcement? Do you think they like Liz Johnston and just don’t post about her publicly? Or do you think there is trouble between the Johnstons and Boldens? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the 7 Little Johnstons stars.

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