Amber Portwood Breaks Down After Losing Custody Of 2nd Child

Fans were left feeling sorry for Amber Portwood following last Wednesday’s episode of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter. A heartbreaking scene showed the moments when Amber learned that she was losing custody of her son, James. Keep reading to see what led to this decision.

Amber Portwood Receives Devastating News

Wednesday’s episode of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter showed Amber breaking down after she lost custody of her son, James. She’d recently been awarded visitation and would fly to California to spend nights with him.

In the heartbreaking scene, Amber Portwood was sharing the news of her loss of custody with her fiance, Gary Shirley. He did what he could to comfort her, stating that he knew she did everything she could to keep her visitation rights.

Sobbing, with makeup running down her face, Amber cries, “I had a family.” Now, she has effectively lost custody of both of her children.

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What Led To Amber Losing Custody?

In August, a judge agreed to seal the custody case between Amber and her ex, Andrew, after more drama began to unfold. Andrew accused Amber Portwood of being a neglectful parent after her son busted his lip during a visit with her. He filed an emergency motion with the court to have Amber’s visitation stripped away.

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reported that James busted his lip while on a video call with Andrew during a visitation with Amber. At the time, James was jumping on the bed and appeared to hurt himself. Amber immediately cut off the video call to tend to her son’s injury.

“The minor child had busted, bloody lip. The minor child became hysterical, [Amber] began yelling, and [Amber] immediately terminated the video call with [Andrew] and refused to respond for an extended amount of time to his numerous inquiries, including phone calls and text messages, as to what happened and what was going on,” Andrew’s filing claimed.

Andrew said that he was scared for James’ safety and decided to pick him up from Amber Portwood’s hotel room at 1:30 a.m. He then said that Amber became hysterical in front of their child because he came to take James home.

A rebuttal was filed on Amber’s behalf, stating that the injury was not an emergency. It outlined the fact that James got a bloody lip while he was video chatting with Andrew. When the injury occurred, Amber ended the call to address her son’s bloody lip.

While she was taking care of James, she missed a call from Andrew. However, she called him back within two minutes. She believes that Andrew is doing all of this only to cause her more problems.

The Teen Mom Star Is Trying To Stay Positive

For now, Amber Portwood is doing what she can to stay positive amid the drama in her life. In early September, the Teen Mom star shared an inspirational message with her Instagram followers.

She shared a selfie on her Instagram with a blank look on her face. The caption read, “My life has been an open book. And a new chapter is being written.” The post was accompanied by the hashtags #Livinginthemoment and #Iamenoughsoareyou.

Fans flocked to the comment section to show their support for Amber. One person commented, “You’ve got this Amber. Keep going head held high!” Amber’s Teen Mom co-star Maci Bookout wrote, “Love you til the end of time!”

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter airs on Wednesdays on MTV at 8 p.m. EST.

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