How RHOSLC’s Monica Garcia Is Becoming a New Fan Favorite

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Monica Garcia joined the cast of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City for Season 4 and the brunette beauty has already captured fans’ hearts after only four episodes. Between her killer sense of humor and her no bulls*** attitude, there is a lot to like about the latest addition to Salt Lake City crew. In honor of Monica’s first season, let’s take a look at some of her best moments so far.

Here are all the reasons Monica Garcia is becoming a new fan favorite.

She Is Relatable

Monica: “I went into Louis Vuitton, and I bought a bag” #RHOSLC

Me sitting at home watching.

— JJ (@McGannJack) September 13, 2023


The Salt Lake City Housewives are all about glitz and glamour. From their jaw-dropping luxury properties to their designer wardrobes, the women of Salt Lake know how to make money and how to spend it. And while it certainly is fun to see how the other half lives, the wealth that encompasses the show sometimes makes it hard to relate to the women.

Monica represents a different kind of woman than we typically see on the show. She is a single mom raising four daughters while working tirelessly to get her baby product business off the ground. In Episode 2 of the new season, Monica opened up about feeling insecure about her financial status ahead of an upcoming girls’ trip with the other Housewives. The mother-of-four revealed she had purchased a Louis Vuitton bag because she wanted to have something nice for the trip.

“I don’t want them to make fun of me for having a smaller house,” she said through tears.

After the scene aired, fans fled to X (formerly known as Twitter) to praise Monica for the honest and raw moment.

“Omg Monica’s confession about buying a Louis Vuitton bag to match the rest of the [Housewives] and not feeling right about it was so real. I like her already! #RHOSLC,” one user wrote.

She’s Not Afraid to Spill the Tea Fred Hayes/Bravo via Getty Images

In the Season 4 premiere episode, Monica came in with a bang, claiming she knew “dark secrets” about the other cast members. The Brea Baby owner explained that her former friend Jen Shah shared dirt about the other women during their friendship.

“It is so crazy hearing them portray these perfect lives,” she said in a confessional. “We’ve all heard things about each other thanks to Jen. I’m trying to walk this fine line of being open-minded and non-judgmental even though all their dark secrets are very heavy on my mind.”

The moment had fans screaming and certainly cemented Monica’s place as a key player this season. While some new additions to the franchise take a backseat during their first season, Monica has proven she isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. And we love that.

She Tells It Like It Is Meredith Andrews/Bravo via Getty Images

In her short time on RHOSLC, Monica has shown she knows how to keep it real. The Bravo star has never refrained from sharing her honest opinion on a situation, even if it causes drama or conflicts with pre-existing friendships.

In Episode 3, Housewife Angie Katsanevas was upset at Monica for not taking her side during an argument with Meredith Marks. The argument arose because Angie showed up to the girls’ trip in Palm Springs despite not being invited by Meredith, the hostess. When confronted by Angie about the situation, Monica stayed true to her original stance, telling her friend, “You were very rude to the hostess.”

“It sounded condescending and insulting,” she continued. Mic drop.

She Has a Great Sense of Humor Brett Colvin/Bravo via Getty Images

Season 4 of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City was a return to form for the show. Season 3 had the tendency to go a little dark, which made the series far less enjoyable. However, the fun seems to be back in Season 4 and Monica is a huge part of that.

From her fiery confessionals to her straight up calling the women boring in Episode 3, the newcomer has proven to be entertaining new addition to the Real Housewives franchise.


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