Logan Brown & Wife, Michelle Welcome Baby Girl To Family

Logan and Michelle Petty Brown, nee Petty, married in October in November and they expanded their family by rescuing a pup named Athena. Now, the kindhearted couple welcomed a baby girl to their family. The news came on social media and it followed the news that Athena passed away.

 Michelle Petty Brown Seems Like A Kindly Person

Logan, the eldest child of Kody and Janelle Brown left the TLC show and he and his wife never appear on Sister Wives. Most information about them comes from Janelle, who is extremely proud of her son. Actually, when the couple tied the knot, it brought the first inkling that something went south between Meri, Janelle, and Kody. Photos revealed Robyn and Kody sitting well apart from any of his own family.

Sister Wives TLC Star Janelle Brown Shouts Out Logan And Michelle Brown – Instagram

When Michelle Brown still dated Logan, Sister Wives fans started to realize that he hooked up with someone very special. Did you know that in 2020, she revealed that she donated a kidney to someone she had never met in her life? So, expanding her family with rescue pups seems to be something she’d never hesitate to do. Now, they rescued a girl dog named Kirby who desperately needed a home. 

Michelle Brown & TLC’s Logan Give A Baby Girl Dog A Home

The news that a new pup arrived in Logan’s home came on Facebook and it later made its way to Reddit. The  story explained how their new baby is a mix of breeds: “Labrador, Shiba Inu, and Jindo.” Sadly she came from “a dog meat farm in Korea.” In a nice coincidence, she and Logan met the dog at a rescue center before Athena passed away. And, Kirby’s sibling is now living with Hunter Brown and his girlfriend, Audrey.

Sister Wives Logan And Michelle Brown Welcome A Baby Girl Pup – Facebook via Reddit

Michelle Brown and Logan did not hesitate when they heard that Kirby needed homing urgently. So, they went and fetched her. Actually, TLC star, Janelle might have met Kirby because she was recently in Las Vegas where she attended a fundraiser for cancer victims in which her daughter-in-law took part.

TLC Fans Comment

Sister Wives fans can be brutal, but with the news about Logan and Michelle Brown adopting anotehr rescue, some nice things were said in the comments. One of them wrote, “I love that they have chosen to use their platform to bring awareness to this issue and brought this sweetie home. I also love that their cat has taken control of their relationship and Kirby seems to be good with it.”

Here is another TLC fan who liked the news: “A dog meat farm survivor? That is so sad, but it’s a good thing they adopted him.”

What do you think about Logan and Michelle Brown adopting a new girl pup to become part of their family? Are you looking forward to seeing a lot of photos of the newcomer who had a harrowing life? It seems that Logan Brown from Sister Wives ended up with a special person with a huge heart. Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Sister Wives news.

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