‘Welcome To Plathville’ Did Moriah & Ethan Plath Reconcile?

Welcome To Plathville star Moriah Plath ran far away from Olivia and shocked Ethan Plath when he found a note telling him she had bolted from their home. Instead of waiting for her sister-in-law to return from Europe to Tampa, the second-oldest daughter of Kim and Barry seemingly took the easy way out and disappeared. Is she done with speaking to her brother?

Moriah Plath Found Refuge With Ethan and Olivia Plath

All Kim’s daughter wanted to do was rebel and escape the cloistered life that she lived on the family farm in Georgia. Along came Olivia, her sister-in-law, and she encouraged her to get out and about. Actually, she did the same with Micah and helped him achieve his ambition as a model. However, it seems that gratefulness slithered away and now Olivia’s a pariah.

Moriah Plath went to Tampa and lived with her brother and Olivia before she split from Max  Kalschmidt. Perhaps it was a good thing that Max decided not to move in with his then-girlfriend. Probably, you recall that skimpy clothing and flirty behavior put him off. After he split from the Welcome To Plathville star, Ethan and Olivia gave her emotional support, and arranged for a surprise visit by Micah. However, that wasn’t enough to keep his sister loyal to them.

Moriah went 0 to 60. She’s always been annoying, but she’s scary weird now.
Olivia was clearly blindsided too, and when she gives an honest and vulnerable interview amidst it all, Moriah loses her GD mind.
The Plath reaction… I’m guessing tax fraud.#WelcomeToPlathville

— Human 269 (@AmytotheO) September 30, 2023

Moriah Plath Turned On Olivia And Ethan?

Last season’s accusations by Olivia about Kim using Ethan’s credit card caused a major split in the family. Moriah Plath and Micah turned their backs on Olivia, in support of their mom. And, it seems that Moriah would like Ethan to fall on his sword or something because he married Olivia, the bad sheep. Ahead of the next episode, the newly baptized daughter appeared in a preview carried by Entertainment Tonight.

Welcome To Plathville – Moriah Plath Talks About Ethan -TLC – Entertainment Tonight

In the teaser, Moriah Plath, wearing her preferred black colors, spoke about Ethan and it became clear that she deliberately became estranged from him. As Welcome to Plathville airs retrospectively, Ethan and his wife were only just preparing for their move to Minnesota. Don’t expect a flowery farewell from his little sister. She claimed that she feels “sad,” but she hasn’t spoken to her brother for ages. Right now, she doesn’t seem able to reconcile. In fact, her attitude seems to be “too bad, so sad.”

Welcome To Plathville Star Blocked Her Brother

Moriah Plath claimed that after she left, Ethan persistently called her. However, she also said, “… I wasn’t even given the chance to speak, wasn’t listened to, and he would just yell at me.” So, she blocked him as she “didn’t know what else to do.” As of today Moriah Plath has scrubbed her social media of her brother Ethan.

Well, now that she’s back home, perhaps Moriah can borrow Lydia’s prayer closet and find a way forward. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more Welcome to Plathville news.

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