Better Homes & Gardens: Oct 6

This week on Better Homes & Gardens Ed visits the Cook Islands and Joh meets wild food forager Diego Bonetto.

Fast Ed – Cook Islands
It might be the crystal-clear blue lagoons, sun-drenched beaches and the tropical weather that attracts you to the Cook Islands, but as Ed discovers, it’s the culture, the food and the friendly locals that you’ll fall in love with. From the mountainous interior to the coral reefs, the main island of Rarotonga is beautiful from top to tail. After a swim in the pristine waters, and a visit to the local market, Ed experiences how to cook in a traditional Umu. But one thing the tropics are known for is their fruit, so Ed’s not going to waste the opportunity to make one of the easiest, but sweetest desserts there is.

Johanna – The Weedy One: Diego Bonetto
Spring is here, gardens are blooming and so too are the weeds. You might be ripping dandelions out of your lawn and putting them in the green bin or compost, but one environmental educator has other plans for some of our unwanted plants. Joh meets wild food forager Diego Bonetto, who might change the way you look at parks, gardens and even the seaside!

Adam – Big Damage Repair
Do you have unsightly holes in your walls and don’t know how to fix them? A tumble dryer that you’d like to get off the floor and mount on the wall. If these are tasks you’re afraid to have a go at, Adam’s here to let you know they’re easier than you might think. He won’t just show you how to plaster, or find a stud to use for mounting points, but even give you a solution if your wall doesn’t have studs! So, take notes and elevate your DIY skills this weekend.

Karen – Seedy Breakfast Loaf
It’s a fine line between what you want for breakfast and what you should have for breakfast, but chock full of delicious, rolled oats and various seeds, Karen’s breakfast loaf recipe straddles that line. With just a few easy steps it’s super easy to make and the end product is versatile too. Slice thinly for breakfast or slice it thickly and cover with a dollop of ricotta and a drizzle of maple syrup to turn it into a cheeky brunch. The only thing that needs to be seedy in the morning, is your breakfast.

Charlie – Feed Your Florals
While it can be fun going to the flower markets to get the freshest blooms, if you don’t have one nearby it can be difficult. So, Charlie’s going to show you how to grow the most beautiful roses at home. He has tips for planting, improving your soil and even some great options to complement those roses.

Melissa – Sunflowers, Sunflowers, Sunflowers
Sunflowers are often considered the happiest of flowers and it’s easy to see why, they’re bright, bold and exude a feeling of warmth. And with the sun really starting to shine, now is the time to get planting. For inspiration, Melissa visits a pick-your-own farm to find out all she can direct from a Sunflower farmer. Whether you’re wanting to brighten up your garden or maybe give away some potted sunflowers as gifts, Melissa has all the tips and tricks to bring these little buds of sunshine to life.

Juliet – Secret Shelf
Hallways are often quite bland and utilitarian, but with the right style, you can make them so much more. A couple of floating shelves make for a great solution. They’re not just shelves though, they’re clever storage boxes that will add functionality, holding anything from flowers, to handbags, candles or even some funky art. With their versatility, you can style them with something bright and happy or change the look up and go for something moodier and more classic.

Juliet – Paper Magnolias
Having fresh flowers all the time at home can be costly and high maintenance. So, Juliet has a great little craft project that means you have a beautiful floral display all year ‘round. With just a few bits and bobs, a little bit of spare time and you’ve got a fantastic, modern take on artificial flowers.

Dr Harry – Spring At The Giving Farm
Springtime means new life and there’s no better example than at The Giving Farm. The flowers are blooming, and chicks, ducklings, lambs, goats and calves are all taking their first steps. The farm is certified organic and aims to give back to the earth everything it takes out, using sustainable and regenerative farming principles. Being animal lovers, a lot of the older livestock are rescues and love their new lives. While Dr Harry gets a tour, he checks in on one particular sheep who has a problem leg. Let’s go see how all these cute animals are doing.

7pm Friday on Seven / 7TWO.

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