Captain Sandy Yawn’s Highest Highs and Lowest Lows On Below Deck

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Captain Sandy Yawn made her Below Deck debut via Below Deck Mediterranean Season 2. In her confessionals, she explained how difficult it was for women to excel in this mostly male-dominated industry. Therefore, as the franchise’s only female (and LGBTQIA+) Captain, her appearance on this show was (and still is) monumental.

Following her first season on-air, reactions to Captain Sandy were mostly positive. However, after Season 2 played back, her attitude seemed to shift. Watching her crew speak poorly, sometimes even lying about random things, like onions in guest’s dishes, must’ve been tough. When she returned for Season 3, she presented herself differently, letting everyone know that she was all business moving forward.

Many seasons have now passed since Captain Sandy Yawn first walked onboard. Unfortunately, her long-standing existence on the series has divided viewers. With claims of micromanaging and playing favorites, her leadership style either sees fans loving or loathing her presence. To further explain, these are Captain Sandy’s highest of highs and lowest of lows.

High – Mentored Bobby After a Serious Error In Season 2


Bobby Giancola was a deckhand on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 1. When he returned for Season 2, he met his new boss, Captain Sandy. During what was supposed to be a controlled anchor drop, Bobby released far more than the 5 shackles Captain Sandy called for. The Captain then yelled for Bobby to stop, and in a confessional, Bobby explained that he “sucks at math.”

“I don’t rule with an iron fist. I’m not going to get down on Bobby. He already knows he screwed up, so after this charter, we’ll talk about it,” explained a very calm Captain Sandy. When the guests departed, she did exactly that, working with Bobby on translating shackles to meters.

Bosun Max Hagley then stated that any other Captain would have likely lost their cool. Bobby’s error could have brought expensive damages to the yacht, which is a major issue. Therefore, this calm, teachable moment is one of Captain Sandy’s highest highs on Below Deck.

Low – Berated Fraser For Simply Groaning In Season 10


Fast forward many years and crossover to Below Deck for Season 10, and you’ll see a vastly different side of Captain Sandy. Unlike when Bobby almost caused damage to the yacht and was treated with kindness, Chief Stew Fraser Olender was overheard simply lamenting about the Captain, and she almost fired him.

To backtrack, Captain Sandy was gracious, stepping in for Captain Lee Rosbach when he had to temporarily step away. However, once she was onboard, Captain Sandy set her sights on his interior department, and it turned ugly. After overhearing crew members talking about her through the thin walls, she decided to call Fraser “a cancer” on the boat, which was gross.

A forced volleyball game led by Captain Sandy then ensued. However, Fraser could not join in, as he had received an injury just prior. At this, Captain Sandy attacked his leadership skills further, with the crew watching.

For years, many people have pointed out discrepancies over how Captain Sandy treats those within the interior verses the exterior departments. She has often been seen mentoring deck teams with extreme patience, while expressing that she finds the interior teams to be like waitresses, often picking apart their efforts. Her lowered preference for this department, alongside her treatment of Fraser, is one of Captain Sandy’s lowest lows on Below Deck.

High – Respected Hannah’s Mental Health In Season 3


Hannah Ferrier was the OG Chief Stew on Below Deck Mediterranean. In Season 2, Hannah did her best to appease the newly hired Captain Sandy, but the two failed to hit it off. After Hannah confessed to kissing a charter guest, Captain Sandy’s displeasure mounted.

In Season 3, Hannah began to fall in love with Conrad Empson. After a disagreement arose between the pair, fueled by a night of heavy drinking, Hannah’s anxiety took over, causing her to grow ill. At first, Captain Sandy was ticked off to not see Hannah up and around, working. However, when she learned that Hannah was fighting off an anxiety attack, her voice softened.

She called Hannah “honey,” telling her to spend the day in bed. This respect shown towards Hannah’s mental health is one of Captain Sandy’s highest Below Deck highs.

Low – Fired Hannah After Mental Health Findings In Season 5

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In Season 5, the tension between Hannah and Captain Sandy intensified. Also on board this season was Malia White, who is close with Captain Sandy, but not with Hannah. When Captain Sandy fired Chef Hindrigo Lorran (KiKo), (which is another major low if you ask us), Malia’s then-boyfriend, Chef Tom Checketts conveniently secured the job.

When Malia asked Hannah to switch rooms so that she could bunk with her beau, Hannah rightfully said no. Like a toddler, Malia went to the Captain. Captain Sandy took Malia’s side, but when Hannah was moving out, Malia struck again. In the girls’ shared bathroom, Malia arranged Hannah’s anxiety medications, which she had a prescription for, and took a photo to share with the Captain.

Captain Sandy finally had her out. She called Hannah to the wheelhouse and fired the long-standing Chief Stew, using her failure to disclose her medications as the reasoning. Shockingly, Hannah went down easily, which seemed to frustrate Captain Sandy all the more. When Hannah stepped off of the yacht, Captain Sandy followed, berating her former employee with every step.

Even still, Hannah (mostly) remained composed. However, ALL of these things belong on Captain Sandy’s lowest of lows on Below Deck.


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