Great Australian Walks with Julia Zemiro: Oct 5

This week on Great Australian Walks, Julia Zemiro is on the Main Yarra Trail.

This episode is set in multicultural Melbourne, home to over five million Australians. Widely regarded as Australia’s cultural capital, its heartbeat is arguably neither the sports cathedrals near the CBD nor the inner-city laneways but the Yarra River – an iconic waterway whose banks divide the classes and whose trails take in the city’s cultural landmarks and offer a unique perspective to view the city.

Arriving by bike to a place where she once lived, Julia walks 14.5km of the Main Yarra Trail. Along the way she takes in the early morning exercise crew; visits an amphitheatre rescued by the Greek community; meets a defiant group of swimmers – the Yarra Yabbies; learns about the Indigenous significance of the river to First Nations people; dips into Melbourne’s comedy scene; and ends up arriving into the city … by water.

7:30pm Thursday on SBS.

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