Here’s Why Spencer Pratt Doesn’t Want Heidi Montag on Real Housewives

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Though they seem very happy together, Spencer Pratt regrets that he never accused his wife Heidi Montag of cheating on him back when they were on The Hills.

“We were just discussing that after watching how big the Scandoval thing is,” Spencer explained. “We definitely should have had more cheating in our storyline because clearly cheating now is mainstream. ‘Great, everyone loves cheaters!’”

Tom Sandoval would surely disagree with that sentiment, though the cheating scandal did give a huge boost to the Vanderpump Rules ratings.

Mrs. Pratt makes it clear she was not on board with that storyline. “This is Spencer’s take,” Heidi added quickly. “He wanted to accuse me of cheating with [Brody Jenner]. It would have been a one-man storyline.” E! News has all the details.

Spencer shouldn’t wait by the phone MEGA/GC Images

Though Heidi as a Housewife is certainly an intriguing idea, the Pratts shouldn’t expect a call anytime soon. Executive producer Andy Cohen is not a fan.

He was recently quoted as saying it would be “weird” for Heidi to come onto any of the Real Housewives shows since she’s known for being on another show and another network. Heidi thinks Andy being on Team Lauren could also be a factor, though he denies it.

Andy’s comments were “much nicer than they were in the past,” Heidi mentioned. In 2011, he called her “trash” on Watch What Happens Live and said, “I would sooner stab … knives into my own eyes than see her on this network.” He’s since apologized.

“I do appreciate him [not saying he wants] to gouge his eyes out at this point,” Heidi laughed.

“You’ve come a long way from trash,” added Spencer.

While neither spouse is holding a grudge, Heidi still holds out hope that someday Andy will change his mind. She’s confident she would shine on the show. She has ties to Orange County and lives in LA, close enough to Beverly Hills.

The Heidi and Spencer Show

While supportive of his wife’s ambitions, Spencer admits he’d rather not go back to being a “celebrity husband.”

“Personally, I don’t want to be on any Housewives franchise,” the former Prince of Malibu said. “I would like our own television show. I don’t like sharing, I don’t like casts … [At the] end of the day, [filming a TV show] technically is a team sport – and we learned there’s not very many good teams to be on.”

Though his first choice would be The Heidi and Spencer Show, the father of two boys is willing to consider other options.

“So I was just thinking,” Spencer continued, “since Taylor Swift is making Kansas City so famous right now, we can move to Kansas City, live down the street from [NFL star and Taylor’s current boyfriend] Travis Kelce and do a Real Housewives of Kansas City.”

Of course, Spencer has plans to add Taylor to the cast should she and Travis get married (I wouldn’t hold my breath). “That’d be my pitch,” he says.


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