Kelly Clarkson Is Back, Season 5 Premiere Date Set

The Kelly Clarkson Show is back with the Season 5 premiere date officially set. Fans have been waiting for their favorite shows to return. Yet, everything was held up due to the writer’s strike. Now that it is over, it is business as usual and that means shows are coming back. So, when will Kelly grace TV screens again? Read on for more details.

Kelly Clarkson Is Back, Season 5 Premiere Date Set

Some talk shows went back despite the WGA strike but The Kelly Clarkson Show was not one of them. A fan-favorite with some of the best guests and fun music has waited until the strike ended. Now that they are in the clear, Season 5 has set a premiere date which is so exciting for fans of the show. Additionally, there are so many changes coming for the new year that will further add to the excitement. Kelly Clarkson had an immensely successful residency in Las Vegas over the summer. Furthermore, she has moved the show from California to New York City.

Kelly Clarkson-YouTube

With new vibes, when will the show start up again? According to TV Line, Kelly Clarkson returns for Season 5 on Monday, October 16th so just a few weeks away. In a statement released Wednesday, October 4th, the mother of two had this to say about the forthcoming changes: “I’m so excited to start our fifth season at the iconic 30 Rock. There is such a unique energy and creative spirit that comes with filming in New York City. Y’all ready?”

Fans do not have to worry about losing the talk show anytime soon. It is already set to be around until 2025 but will most likely last longer as long as the demand stays high and alive. As for what viewers can expect now that Kelly has relocated up North, it should be a lot of fun watching the seasons change and the singer explore. Additionally, it is a fresh start for the show that was plagued with rumors of a poor work environment.

Prior Drama

Season 4 of The Kelly Clarkson Show was soured by rumors of a toxic work environment. Ten former employees and one current came forward with BTS issues. However, it seems that they maintained Kelly had no knowledge of any mistreatment as to what had been going on. She ended up speaking out about it, noted that there was always room to grow, and wanted to make sure that it was no longer a problem. Hopefully, the show and staff will see a rejuvenated and fresh start in NYC.

Are you happy that the talk show will be returning sooner rather than later? Plus, are you excited to see what happens now that they have relocated? Let us know in the comments below.

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