Jenelle Evans Ripped As Hypocritical Toxic Parent: See Deleted Post

Fans of MTV’s Teen Mom franchise admit they appreciate the irony of Jenelle Evans ripping her mother as a “toxic parent” while also being a toxic parent. Likewise, fans were also quick to call attention to the hypocrisy of Jenelle asking media outlets to stop talking about Jace while she continued to speak of him on social media.

Unfortunately for Jenelle, most fans believe she gave up her right to privacy when she decided to put her life story on reality TV. Moreover, fans argue that if she wants privacy she needs to get off social media and quit making money off the following she acquired thanks to MTV.

In a post that Jenelle Evans later deleted, the former Teen Mom star insisted she was DONE being afraid of her mother. Moreover, she wanted media outlets to back off and give her family privacy. Unfortunately for Jenelle, a screenshot of the post was shared on X, formerly known as Twitter. And, Teen Mom fans have been very loud with their feelings about it.

What exactly did the post say? And, what are Teen Mom fans saying in response? Keep reading for the details.

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Jenelle Evans Ripped As Hypocritical Toxic Parent: Deleted Post

After using a “toxic parent” hashtag, Jenelle Evans revealed she used to be afraid of her mother. But, she no longer ways. Moreover, she was done letting her mother control her life. Jenelle insisted the negative stories being reported were the result of Barbara’s lies. Furthermore, she has cleared up the details with proper authorities.

Toward the end of the post, Jenelle Evans turns her attention to media outlets. She claims her family needs support and prayers right now. Additionally, her family needs media outlets to STOP reporting about Jace. Jenelle begs media outlets to BACK OFF.

The OP who shared the screenshot noted the irony of Jenelle Evans calling her mom a toxic parent. The OP penned: “I find it funny that she’s so unaware that she keeps using the #toxicparents hashtag… and SHE is the toxic parent.” 

#teenmom Jenelle Evans’ son won’t come home with her and David!

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Teen Mom Fans Ask: What About Jace?

Originally reports claim Jace himself accused David Eason of assaulting him. Jace claimed the assault was caught on a ring camera. Furthermore, there was reportedly a witness who saw the assault. David, however, has claimed the situation has been a giant misunderstanding. Jenelle Evans, on the other hand, claims her mother is to blame for the entire thing.

Teen Mom fans point out that the big issue with the situation is Jace accused David, not Barbara. So, fans question why Jenelle Evans is not listening to or protecting her son from her husband.

I need my son’s mental health protected and he needs privacy!!

… She says as her and her husband have been posting about it non-stop on social media.

I find it funny that she’s so unaware that she keeps using the #toxicparents hashtag… and SHE is the toxic parent.

— Anon Hater (@_AnonHater_) October 4, 2023

One frustrated fan penned: “Oh my f**king Jesus ! How much longer is she gonna keep on with this tirade It wasn’t from her mother JACE himself said these things Threw all this Jenelle and David have been making how many statements not once have we heard from babs.”

“I think she making a point to blame her mother so she can file another RO and say ‘see, see I told you she is a danger to my family’. I think they are trying to use this to their advantage to get back at Barb.” A second chimed in.

#teenmom Jenelle Evans denied protection from mom

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Ultimately, fans think Barbara has nothing to do with it. Additionally, they suspect Jenelle and David are using her. Using her as a scapegoat.

The real question is: What do you make of this drama? Let us know in the comments. And, keep coming back for more updates on Jenelle Evans and her family.

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