Jessica Muschamp in Neighbours return

Nostalgic Neighbours actor Jessica Muschamp is making a return to Ramsay Street in a guest appearance.

She featured in the soap from 1988 – 1990 as Sharon Davies as part of a new teen group, effectively succeeding the likes of Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan and Guy Pearce.

She resided with Mrs. Mangel (Vivan Grey) and Jane (Annie Jones), drawn into neighbourhood love triangles and accidentally setting fire to the Coffee Shop, before later departing for NZ to be with to be with her fiancé Henry (Craig McLachlan).

“Shazza’s back! Jessica Muschamp will be reprising her iconic role of Sharon Davies for a guest stint, but what’s led her back to Ramsay Street?” Neighbours Instagram has announced.

Muschamp also joined the cast the day after Kylie Minogue departed, telling PerfectBlend, “I think we were the first ones really to take over after Kylie and Jason, who left not long after. So it was ground that hadn’t been covered before. It was kind of unprecedented, we had to kind of blaze our own trail and work out how that was going to work for ourselves. And yeah, that was that was an interesting time certainly to be in the show. It was rating through the roof around the world, you know, regularly there were 30% of Australians watching it every night. Same with Britain, maybe more so, you know, it was crazy popular and we inherited that and we just got to run with it. And we were really lucky in that sense that, you know, we were on TV at a time where there wasn’t much else short of going to the cinema or renting a video – you pretty much had to watch what was on the box at the time. So that was a benefit for us that there was a lot less choice. Not that choice is a bad thing. It’s not, but it was just a different set of circumstances then and a different world, really. Entertainment was very different back then.”

She was also briefly spotted in the 2022 finale as part of a video greeting for Mel and Toadie.

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