Power Book IV: Force Exclusive Clip: Claudia Says Goodbye

Walter Flynn’s death will leave a huge void in the Chicago drug game.

For a long while, the Flynns ran a large part of that city, but times have changed, and before his death, Walter was losing his position in the game. Now, in a world without Walter Flynn, his rivals will look to rewrite the map.

As we officially head into the back half of the season, TV Fanatic was lucky enough to get an exclusive clip from Power Book IV: Force Season 2 Episode 6, and we have to wonder if Claudia was an actress in another life.

Someone run Claudia her Oscar because she was crying on cue like it was her job!

When the tears were needed, she let them flow, but the second she was alone with her not-so-dearly departed father, she let him know exactly what she thought about him and his death.

Claudia was the one most hellbent on putting Walter six feet under, but to see her truly with such little remorse was a little jarring but not surprising at the same time.

She tried repeatedly to prove herself to him, but it was never enough. And once she saw an opening to become the leader she felt she was destined to be, she took it.

But Walter’s death didn’t shore up her position as head of the Flynn organization, especially since Vic didn’t die as well as she hoped during Power Book IV: Force Season 2 Episode 5.

Speaking of Vic, he made a deal with the FEDs, and we’ll get our first look at what he has planned during this hour, as they will surely be on top of him to provide them with information that will bring Tommy and many others down.

Vic has been rather on the outskirts dealing with Walter and Claudia, so it’ll be interesting to see how he gets back in with Tommy and whether or not Tommy will be suspicious.

Tommy will have a lot on his plate during this action-packed hour, but what else is new? He’s constantly moving from one thing to another, and it’s a wonder the man gets any sleep or eats a meal with his schedule!

Besides Vic, he must also deal with Diamond’s decision to invite Jenard back into CBI. And doesn’t that have disaster written all over it?

Power Book IV: Force Season 2 has been a delight, and you should prepare yourselves for another wild and twisty affair as we get closer and closer to what is sure to be a fiery conclusion to this sensational season.

Check out the exclusive clip below and drop all your predictions about the hour in the comments!

This is one installment you won’t want to miss!

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