The Kardashians Season 4, Episode 2 Recap: Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson’s Twisting Story

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Season 4 of The Kardashians is in full swing, and the eldest sisters (and Kris Jenner, by default) continue to carry the storyline. Khloe Kardashian’s romance woes, particularly with Tristan Thompson, will always be a crutch storyline for the show to fall back on. Kim Kardashian is always doing her girl-bossing to keep us preoccupied, but it’s almost more entertaining when she’s fighting with Kourtney Kardashian.

The second episode of the season relied heavily on the Kim, Khloe, and Kris of it all. Kourtney, Kendall Jenner, and Kylie Jenner didn’t even make appearances at all, which is a blessing and a curse. Here are five main takeaways from the latest episode of The Kardashians titled, “When Is Being Me Gonna Be Okay?”

Kris, Kim, and Khloe’s impact (Photo: Courtesy of Hulu)

It was really hard not to notice that Kim, Khloe, and Kris were the three members of the Kardashians who are always down to film a scene. Kylie needs to be told weeks in advance it seems before she’ll sign off on a camera. Meanwhile, Khloe hosted a martini party at her house with the aforementioned two family members where she wore sweatpants and seemed to be living another day in the life. Khloe did proclaim to have a martini and an olive for the first time in her life after telling us last week that she never had a beer. Khlo$ sounds like she’s telling little white lies, but I can’t hate the silliness.

Kim also took up some screentime to talk about Beyoncé. If you follow Kardashians’ lore, it seems like Kim has been trying to befriend Beyoncé longer than her relationship with Kanye. She apparently wanted to let us OGs know she finally made it while putting it under the guise of telling the story about her being a lightweight drunk.

“Ask Beyonce, I danced all night long at her party. I think I blacked out,” Kim said giddily. Good for you, girly, another accomplishment to check off that list.

Kris embraces the fun side of life (Photo: Courtesy of Hulu)

Kris Jenner’s motto for 2023 was only to say yes to the fun parts of life, and she decided to show us how in the episode. She and Corey Gamble went out on a spicy date night where several corny sex jokes were exchanged. The paparazzi somehow showed up on the scene but Kris was having the time of her life. “There’s nothing wrong with being spicy and I love keeping things fresh,” Kris said. Words to live by.

Kris’s main storyline was that she’d be starring in Meghan Trainor’s “I Am Your Mother” music video. As the singer put it later during the shoot, Kris is “the mother of all mothers.” Kris took the old Hollywood glam theme to heart and gave an A-game performance. Truly, she’s all about embracing the fun side of life and it’s a bit of a joy to watch. She was, however, embarrassed to tell her kids about starring in a music video beforehand, so she kept it on the down low. “When it’s all said and done, I’ll just send them the tape,” Kris said. Truly, she is an icon and she is the moment.

Dash Dolls 2.0  (Photo: Courtesy of Hulu)

Khloe’s story was pretty heavy for most of the episode, but she did a bit of girl-bossing to compete with Kimberly’s reign. She headed to Century City Mall to check on the construction status of her first Good American store. The process was behind schedule and over budget, so Khlo$ was stressed out. “This is, like, triggering me from Dash days,” Khloe said. Remember the days of the trio of Kardashians sisters running the Dash empire? What a throwback.

Honestly, the best part of the scene was when Khloe recalled her and her sisters’ adolescent days at the mall where she was now building a store. She made Kim recall the times when she and Kourtney would call 1-800 numbers and get older men to meet them at the malls.  “We’d stand them up, and we’d take a Polaroid,” Kim cackled. “We had a book of Polaroids of these guys that we would stand up at the mall.” This is the Kardashian lore I love and the exact kind of sister bonding that will end up seeing Kourtney and Kim back on good terms.

Kim takes life seriously (Photo: Courtesy of Hulu)

Kim spent the episode jetting around on Kim Air and getting stuff done. First, she went to Massachusetts to speak at Harvard Business School and live her Elle Woods fantasy. “What? Like it’s hard?” Kim iconically quoted before winking at the camera. Kim got to lecture to a class about Skims and her approach to running a business and received rave remarks. She did throw one dig at Kourtney when a Harvard student asked what keeps Kim driven. “I should say thanks, Kourtney,” Kim turned and said to the camera. “That’s exactly what Kourtney harasses me for all the time.”

Kim spent the second half of the episode in Ohio, actually being Elle Woods by doing prison reform work. She visited a man named Kevin Keith, who she believes was wrongfully convicted and was trying to get released from a life sentence. She got to meet with him on prison grounds and speak at a panel with his family members to raise awareness. In general, she felt good about what she had accomplished by the end of her travels. “I just love helping people,” Kim said. “It’s something that I just feel that I have to do in this lifetime and I’ll never stop doing that.” Kim Kardashian for President, just kidding (unless…).

Khloe and Tristan’s uncertain future (Photo: Courtesy of Hulu)

Tristan was still living at Khloe’s house, and it got a lot of people thinking about the status of their relationship. Corey kept it frank by telling Kris he believed they should rekindle their romance, despite the deception. Kim also has found common ground with Tristan. She explained that when she struggled to be a single mom after her divorce, Tristan showed up by attending her kids’ games, picking them up from events, and spending time with them. “And I just like never forgot that,” Kim said. “I’ll never really throw someone away and act like I don’t feel like they can grow and evolve.”

Khloe, however, was adamant that she did not want to rekindle a romance with her baby daddy, but rather, continue their strong co-parenting relationship once he moved back out. “I am a hopeless romantic, but that’s not going to change how I feel and what happened,” she explained. She also told Tristan that she’s proud of him becoming a better person for himself and their children, even though there’s no “prize” (AKA, Khloe) at the end of the work.

Both Tristan and Khloe joked that he was probably “poking holes in the ceiling” of his roof so that the construction would never be complete and he could stay at Khloe’s house. In the end, he seemed to understand that their focus needs to be on the kids, not their relationship.  “The last thing I want them to do is ever feel embarrassed that I’m their father,” Tristan said.

The Kardashians airs on Thursdays on Hulu.


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