All Rise Exclusive Clip: Can Mark Deliver Lola to Her Party?

Mark Callan has always been Robin’s cohort since he’s been Lola’s best friend forever.

Since the second half of All Rise Season 3 began, the series has highlighted the strength and fun of Mark and Lola’s friendship. Now Mark has one of his most difficult tasks — getting Lola to her surprise birthday party.

TV Fanatic was fortunate enough to get an exclusive clip from All Rise Season 3 Episode 14, and we’re wondering how many methods Mark had to deliver Lola to her party on time.

Ordinarily, it might have been easier to get Lola to leave the office, but she was preparing for her judicial recertification, which expired that night.

Mark is usually better prepared, but he had to go through multiple backup plans to get her to budge.

We knew Mark would ask Lola to be his best woman, but that moment was still emotional.

Speaking of the wedding, the wedding gets out of hand when Mark texts the entire HOJ. Can Lola fix that, or will it be a huge family affair?

In other news, Amy defends the chefs of Mark’s favorite sushi restaurant for attempted murder and poisoning their sous chef.

We get an inside look at what happens when the restaurant is promised to one person, but then an heir enters the family business.

This was one of the most intense trials because of culture, respect, and affection on both sides. Can the parties remain “family” after this trial?

All Rise Season 3 has been fantastic at highlighting a celebratory final season. Its main goal has been showcasing “chosen” families.

While there are many loose ends to tie up before the series finale, you should bring some tissues as Lola’s party is very touching.

Legends of Tomorrow’s Jes Macallan directed this episode, and the court case and the party scenes are must-see!

Check out the exclusive clip below and hit the comments with your party predictions.

This is one episode you won’t want to miss.

Make sure you check back here after the episode airs on OWN to read our review.

All Rise Season 3 airs on Saturdays at 9/8c on OWN.

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