Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann Waging ‘Money War’ Despite Struggling for Cash

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Someone please tell me how you can engage in a “money war” if you don’t have any money to fight with. We’re about to find out from our two favorite poor people getting a divorce, Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann.

Times are tough for Kim and Kroy but neither one of them are budging. That’s because it’s more important to win the battle with each other than to take into consideration what their toxic lifestyle is doing to their kids. Now sources say the estranged couple have made zero progress and they are in World Money War III. People has the details.

War of the Roses Posers

I wonder what will have to happen for these two to get away from each other. It’s too bad no one cares enough about the children to settle down and be adults. Sure Kroy can haul them to church and Kim can post staged photos, but I don’t think we’re talking enough about how horrible the parenting is in this scenario.

According to insiders close to Kim and Kroy, their battle is far from over and shows no signs of slowing down. After multiple complaints and calls to police, Kim and Kroy still continue living together “under the same roof” in the McMansion.

Sources say the two are involved in a “money war right now.” I’m not sure what “money” K and K have left, outside of the walls holding their pernicious behavior. Additionally, insiders shared they are “not trying to get back together.” If they did, they should probably go live underground because no one will ever want to hear from them again.

As to what’s really going on, it’s two adults being stubborn despite what it’s doing to their kids. Kim and Kroy are in massive debt and it appears neither one of them enjoys working too much. Kroy hasn’t held down a job since his NFL days. Kim recently filmed The Surreal Life but I’m sure that paycheck went to scratch-offs and not her tax bill.

They are currently going through a divorce and hopefully, the judge will force them to move forward in a positive manner. Team Kids.


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