Kris Jenner Ripped By Fans For Snapping At Grandchildren

After watching The Kardashians Season 4 Episode 2, fans are ripping Kris Jenner. Several good discussions took place in the newest episode. But fans are making it known they don’t approve of her yelling at the grandkids.

Mean And Scary Grandma

Fans reacted to Kris Jenner’s interaction with True Thompson and Dream Kardashian in the second episode of Season 4. Surprisingly, she was seen as “mean” and “scary” based on the treatment of her grandchildren. On Wednesday’s episode of The Kardashians, Kim announced some exciting news to the family. They were gathered at Khloe Kardashian’s 17 million dollar mansion in Calabasas, Los Angeles. Uniquely, Kris Kardashian brought her martini sommelier to the casual party. Surprisingly, it was the first time for Khloe to have a martini. But her face gave away her shock that her mom’s drink of choice was so stout, saying, “No wonder you are drunk all the time!”


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Kris Jenner Jumps In

After several discussions back and forth, Kim Kardashian mentioned she was traveling to be on a panel for Kevin Keith. This is a case that Kim Kardashian has been following for a while. Unfortunately, Kevin Keith’s charges are for murdering three in February 1994 that he insists he did not kill. Undeniably, Kim Kardashian has heard his pleas of innocence and invested in the case. She was discussing raising awareness about the case by traveling to Ohio to sit on the panel.


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During the conversation, little True and Dream are playing around in the background. In response, Khloe Kardashian responds to the sounds, “Coming!” Also acknowledging what was going on, Tristan Thompson nodded when Khloe identified, “The kids are ready to eat.” Then Kim tried to return to the subject of the update on the case but again Khloe yelled back: “I’m coming!” Kris Jenner makes a face like she is resisting saying something. But then when Kris Jenner attempted to add to the conversation, “I’m thinking maybe…” but in the other room, the grandkids were extremely loud. In annoyance, Kris harshly snapped a scream with authority, “She said she’ll be right there!”

When the kids responded by being quieter, Kris chuckled at the camera. Nonchalantly, Tristan points at Kris Jenner and says, “That’s a good one!” Kris proudly touts, “We’re keeping that!” While the others laughed, Khloe’s face showed she didn’t like that Kris yelled at the little ones.

What People Think About Kris Jenner’s Grandparenting

On X, people have shared their opinions about Kris Jenner as a grandma. One person said, “Having Kris Jenner as your grandma must be crazy.” And another made their opinion clear, “Kris Jenner is a poor excuse for a grandma. I would never let her yell at me and my kids. Cut grandma out for good.”

What did you think about Kris Jenner snapping at the kids? Have you watched The Kardashians Season 4 up to this point? Do you wish you had your martini sommelier to follow you around? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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