Love Is Blind Season 5 Recap, Episodes 8-9: Love on the Rocks

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The couples were out of the pods and into the real world on the last episode of Love Is Blind. Their physical attractions were put to the test during a luxury vacation in Mexico. Would love would truly conquer all? Not for Jared “JP” and Taylor. Taylor wasn’t feeling JP’s looks or awkward silences so it was adios to this couple. 

However, Izzy and Stacy, and Milton and Lydia passed the test and made it back to Houston. Things were rosy until the realities of living together set in. Lydia was annoyed with Milton’s conflicting work schedule, and Stacy didn’t want to eat dinner off of Izzy’s paper plates. Things got more tense when the couples met up with their old pod mates at a party. Uche, Johnie, and Chris were on hand and about to throw a wrench in the game. 

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Uche lived by the phrase don’t kiss and tell. And that’s what he told Milton when he reminded him he never talked about his relationship with Lydia. But since Lydia scared Aaliyah away, all bets were off. Uche warned Milton that Lydia joined the show to try and get back together with him. He had screenshots to prove she stalked him and his girl friends on Insta. But Milton said, chill out bro. This was multi-dimensional calculus and he deducted that the limit does not exist!

Uche’s plan to derail Milton and Lydia failed, so he complained to the group about Lydia’s actions towards Aaliyah. Conveniently, he left out his own judgy behavior towards her. Miriam told him he had toxic masculinity and read him as a loser. Uche said she was only there for the cameras. Weren’t they all?

While Uche and the girls got into it, Stacy and Izzy had it out with Johnie and Chris. Izzy informed Chris that Johnie had told her she loved him several times. He denied saying she was a bad person and said Johnie was taking advantage of their good nature. Chris couldn’t get over she told Izzy she loved him. Johnie said it was all lies. Stacy eloquently responded that Johnie was full of sh*t. And the party ended in a complete disaster.

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Izzy thought all was well after they got home from the party. But he was wrong. Stacy didn’t understand why Izzy cared about Chris and his relationship. She coldly said Chris didn’t care for him. Her real issue was she didn’t want him anywhere near Johnie for fear of losing him. But Izzy didn’t see that and tried to make Stacy feel better by expressing how happy he was he chose her over Johnie. 

Stacy said what would make her happy was living up to his promises that he would cook her dinner and rub her feet. Izzy felt like no matter what he did it wasn’t good enough. He left defeated and Stacy didn’t feel the need to chase after him. The next day Izzy brought Stacy a bag of gifts to apologize. Stacy loved her some gifts, albeit even if one was a toilet plunger, and that reassured her he did care. 

They made up just in time to meet Izzy’s mom. She wanted her son to be sure he was marrying the right person. Izzy explained that Stacy was loud, sassy, and not easy. He was really selling her, wasn’t he? Even though she was tough to deal with, he liked her tender and fragile side. Stacy then showed up and gave his mom a hug. She said she loved Izzy, and he brought out her vulnerable side. Stacy shared she would jump off a cliff for him without a parachute, just as long as his private jet was waiting to catch her. 

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In order to make good on his promises to treat Stacy, Izzy took her for a ride in a B-52 bomber. He would have been better flying her first class to Hawaii. Afterwards they had dinner in the hanger. Stacy was impressed with his gesture. Izzy brought up their wedding, and noted it would be weird that most of his family wouldn’t be there. He didn’t want any negative energy from people who would judge them. In a sweet moment, Stacy reassured him that her family was excited to have him and would be there for them even if his wasn’t.

The good vibes didn’t last however. We cut to Stacy and Izzy quietly packing up their things in their apartment. Turns out Izzy’s alleged bad credit had come back to haunt him. He was not open about his financial situation when he and Stacy previously had their money talk. But the tea was spilled when Stacy asked him for a credit card at the gas station and he said he had none. She felt he had lied to her about not disclosing his lack of credit cards.

Izzy denied lying and said he was waiting for the right time to tell her. He claimed his debt was only $3,500, the cost of flying that B-52 bomber, and he paid it off. Izzy said he appreciated how she fought for him and had his back. Stacy gave him a hug and said it would be ok. Somewhere Johnie was laughing in the distance about Izzy’s credit.

Milton’s family thought Lydia was fake Photo Credit: Netflix

When Milton met Lydia’s family it had gone reasonably well. Her mother and brother were happy they had similar work and family goals. However, when it came time for Lydia to meet Milton’s family, it couldn’t have gone worse. Milton’s non emotional responses were a product of a family who were all down to business. And to them, marriage was a business. 

Milton’s mom and sister got down to brass tax. Why did she want to marry a twenty-four year old? What were her career goals? Did she know the square root of pi? Lydia thought she answered with flying colors. But Milton’s sister said Lydia’s answered seemed fake. She knew her brother, and he didn’t seem happy to get married. Finally, Milton told his family to lay off the interrogations. There would be plenty of time to measure the data points of their relationship later.

Still not satisfied, Milton’s sister met up with him for lunch. He told her their family was the exact opposite of Lydia’s. Her’s was expressive and emotional, while theirs was more reserved. His sister was shocked, they had gotten pretty wild when that Higgs boson particle was found. She then asked Milton how he knew he was ready to get married. For someone who is so logical, it’s interesting that Milton talked about following his gut. Milton’s sister reiterated again she felt the situation seemed fake. Still, she would be at the wedding, even if she wasn’t happy about it.

Lydia wasn’t changing her behavior for no man Photo Credit: Netflix

It was eight days until the wedding, and time for some wedding dress and tuxedo shopping with Nick and Vanessa Lachey! Milton wanted pants that were long enough for his six foot seven frame, and Lydia picked a dress with a long train. They were both nervous and excited for what was to come. 

Milton decided to treat his geologist fiancé to a dinner surrounded by various crystal minerals on display. Lydia didn’t seem excited about it, but the gesture was sweet. She asked him if he ever thought what his future wife would be like, and he said not like this. Oop! Milton said she woke up angry and he wasn’t expecting that. Lydia retorted that he didn’t do the dishes for three days, or pick up his clothes off the floor. Milton said at least he threw them in the corner.

Then Milton shared he couldn’t tell her how he felt because she would take it the wrong way. He didn’t like how emotional she got with Uche. Word to the wise, never tell a woman to calm down. Lydia shouted that Uche was a piece of sh*t and deserved to be yelled at. She was emotional and passionate, and he needed to accept that. Milton said it made him uncomfortable. Lydia replied it wasn’t comfortable for her to be portrayed as a crazy stalker. She finally calmed down and asked Milton if they were ok, but there was silence on his end. And then we cut to black!

Love Is Blind continues Fridays on Netflix.


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