Raven Gates Is Feeling Down Ahead Of Tia’s Bachelorette Bash

When Tia Booth and Taylor Mock revealed they were dating, Raven Gates and her husband, Adam Gottschalk were the first to congratulate them. Now, Raven flew out to attend Tia’s bachelorette bash, but she felt really down. Why is that? Read on to find out.

Bachelor In Paradise Stars Tia Booth And Raven Gates Bonded

Not every couple works out on the Bachelor Nation franchise, and Tia Booth didn’t manage to find love in Mexico. However, two years ago, she announced that she and Taylor Mock were dating. She’d been through other relationships, including Bachelor‘s Colton Underwood, but they went south, and it looked like she’d never find the right man.

Meanwhile, Raven Gates, fell in love with Adam Gottschalk when she appeared in Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise. The two Bachelor Nation personalities became friendly, and it’s no surprise she was on the list for Tia’s bash. Bear in mind, that both women have children, and Tia welcomed her baby with Taylor Mock in December.

someone on reddit tried to shame Tia Booth for hiring a night nurse to help her with her baby 2 or 3 nights a week and thankfully most of the comments are defending Tia!! now the original poster looks silly

— a! (@meetsatmidnight) January 10, 2023

Bachelor Nation Star Raven Gates Isn’t All That Happy

Why is Raven Gates, not all that happy about attending the festive event for her friend Tia? Well, it turns out that she’s missing her kids already. Taking to her Instagram Stories, she shared a photo of herself at the airport. In her caption, she said, “Having major anxiety leaving my kids but I know they’re in good hands.”

Bachelor in Paradise – Raven Gates – Instagram Stories

Raven Gates really seems a bit down about not being with Gates Zev and Max Asa. Anyway, she did tell her friend, Tia Booth, “See you in Cabo, @tiarachel91.” US Weekly noticed that Tia responded by re-sharing Raven’s post. The outlet cited the Bachelor in Paradise star as saying, “You got no business looking this good sis.” 

Tia Went Casual For The Trip

Unlike Raven Gates who looked great, Tia decided to go casual for her flight. She wore “a hooded sweatshirt [and] white heart-shaped sunglasses.” When it comes to the best luck of the day, it seems that Raven and not Tia scored all the way. In the lucky stakes, she landed an entire row of seats to herself on the plane.

What do you think about Raven Gates going feeling a bit down on her way to the bachelorette bash for her Bachelor in Paradise friend, Tia Booth? Do you think that all the fun and games at the bash will lighten her fears about the kids? Hopefully, she stays in touch with the family back home and has a wonderful time. Meanwhile, fans really hope for loads of photos of the big day in Tia’s life.

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