Still Up Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Veggie Veggie Bing Bong

When I saw the title of Still Up Season 1 Episode 5, I had one thought. What the hell is Veggie Veggie Bing Bong?

After watching this installment from beginning to end, I still can’t say I know anything besides it’s a ridiculous game made up by Veggie’s family that involves throwing ham at the loser.

What type of insanity is that?

I suppose we should be grateful they’re only flinging slices of the lunch meat variety of ham at Lisa’s face. If it were actual ham steaks, the poor woman could have gotten hurt.

Would Lisa have still sat there and taken it just to make Veggie happy? Maybe. And that’s what was so disturbing about this camping trip.

Lisa hated camping but was willing to go on this trip because she wanted to spend family time with Poppy and Veggie.

But when Veggie heard “family time,” he didn’t think of just him, Lisa, and Poppy. To him, family automatically meant his parents as well.

In some ways, that’s sweet. And it’s great that he gets along so well with his parents.

But it speaks poorly of his and Lisa’s communication skills. Does he realize how much she despises camping?

Danny: Talking about a waste of a day, how is camping going?
Lisa: I am having a great time. How was that? Anywhere near believable?
Danny: No. Not really. No.

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But Veggie loves to camp. It’s difficult to tell if this is one of those concessions couples make when they have differing interests. Do they also go on trips geared more toward Lisa’s tastes? We just don’t know.

Then there’s Veggie’s mom, Christine, whom Lisa describes in this Still Up quote.

Christine is lovely. She is full of positivity. She’s just actually a really, really nice person, and I bloody hate her guts.


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Lisa feels guilty for secretly hating Christine, but I’m not sure she should because I think Christine secretly hates Lisa just as much. 

Outwardly, Christine is outgoing and friendly. She seems eager to include Lisa in the family group, but she’s likely doing that to make Veggie happy.

What Christine isn’t is kind.

When Lisa hurts her ankle, Christine is focused on pointing out that Lisa’s diagnosis of the injury is wrong and she, as a physiotherapist, knows more and is correct.

Christine doesn’t get up off of her chair to help Veggie get Lisa back to camp. She doesn’t offer any advice or assistance in relieving Lisa’s pain and discomfort.

Christine’s only concern is in being right.

Veggie is even closer to his stepdad, Russell.

Today, I am joined by a very special guest. His name’s Russell. Legally, he’s my stepdad, but to me, he’s just dad.


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When Christine shares the story about a nine-year-old Veggie wanting nothing more in life than to be someone’s stepdad, Lisa doesn’t look thrilled.

You’d think she would be. Veggie appears to adore Poppy. Back in Still Up Season 1 Episode 1, we saw him taking care of the sick girl while Lisa spent the better part of the night at the pharmacy.

Christine insisted that Veggie was more of a father to Poppy than her biological father. She was so adamant about it that she repeated it until Lisa nodded in agreement.

As we know nothing about Poppy’s father, it’s difficult to glean anything from this moment besides Christine is a polite bully and Lisa doesn’t know how to set boundaries.

When Christine not so subtly implies that Lisa and Veggie will be having a child of their own soon, Lisa looks confused. Perhaps they’ve never talked about future children, or maybe Lisa doesn’t want more.

Or maybe she realized that Veggie’s mother should never be trusted with a family secret

But Lisa was clearly gobsmacked to learn that Veggie was planning to propose. 

You’d think this wouldn’t be such a complete shock. Lisa and Veggie are living together and raising her child. And Veggie seems the type who would want to be married.

But does Lisa want to marry Veggie and feel obligated to go on family camping trips and play Veggie Veggie Bing Bong for the rest of her life? For Veggie, that scenario looks like heaven, while for Lisa, it’s a little piece of hell, and that speaks volumes about their relationship.

As does Lisa calling Danny to vent.

Lisa was worried Danny might still be upset over learning she kept quiet about Chloe cheating on him with three different guys in Still Up Season 1 Episode 4, but Danny didn’t seem to hold that against her.

Danny was more concerned with the guy retiling his bathroom who wouldn’t leave.

You know I can’t communicate with actual men, especially ones who know how to use tools.


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Rich and Chris were actually kind of sweet, even if they wouldn’t leave Danny’s place. But they were redeemed when they helped Lisa win Veggie Veggie Bing Bong.

For a moment, I pondered whether Rich and Chris should stick around, as Danny could use a few new friends. But Danny’s best friend is Lisa. And dare I say, Lisa’s best friend isn’t Veggie, but Danny.

This is where things began to get complicated because Danny looked rattled when he actually saw Lisa with Veggie on his phone screen. My guess is that he likely hears about Veggie but doesn’t see the two together.

Danny and Lisa are partners in their overnight world, where everyone else sleeps. In that world, Veggie barely exists.

Veggie appeared downright hurt to see Lisa joyfully celebrating her victory with Danny on the phone instead of with him.

Veggie couldn’t leave his parents behind for this trip, but in his defense, Lisa couldn’t leave Danny behind either.

At some point, Veggie and Lisa’s relationship will come to a head. Will it be when Veggie proposes? No matter when it occurs, I find I’m looking forward to the fallout. 

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