Tom Sandoval Insists Rachel Leviss’ Birthday Message Was ‘Not Calculated’

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Vanderpump Rules star Tom Sandoval is still licking his wounds after Season 10. Tom basically went from the #1 most tolerated guy in the group and immediately entered his villain era.

Thanks to his down-low relationship with Rachel Leviss, Tom’s world blew up around him. Ariana Madix dumped him and for a while, his friends dumped him too. No one knew what would become of Rachel and Tom’s relationship after everything was on the table, but the writing was on the wall after Rachel left town to seek care for her mental health.

While Tom was out on tour with his band, Rach was ensconced in a facility to concentrate on figuring herself out. She went off social media and had zero contact with any Pump Rules cast. Rachel returned to society and social media months later. On her very first post, Tom jumped right into the comments to acknowledge her birthday. Many people thought Tom was pulling a stunt for attention, but he insists it wasn’t a “calculated” move.

Tom admits he misses Rachel

On an episode of his podcast, Everybody Loves Tom, Sandoval he addressed his birthday wish to Rachel. “I would love for people to maybe go back to thinking of me a little bit more ‘glass half full’ and less calculated,” he told guest Jerry O’Connell.

“I’m not a very like…wishing Rachel a happy birthday was not calculated. I f—ing miss her, you know? Like, I’m not that. I’m not a schemer like that. I don’t do that,” Tom shared. Okay, but Tom is a schemer because only a schemer can cheat on his partner of 10 years with her friend. Only a schemer can plan secret rendevous and secret messages to their secret lover for a secret affair that spanned months.

Rachel wound up blocking Sandoval from her Instagram after followers advised her to do so. If he truly wanted to express good wishes, he might have been better off sending her a private message. That said, he did receive some publicity from the interaction (go figure) and ultimately called Rachel “thirsty” for deciding to prevent him from commenting again.

At this time, Tom is still waiting for people to return to thinking of him as a “glass half full” instead of, you know, Tom Sandoval.


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