Tori Roloff Still Mad, Disses Father-In-Law, Matt Again?

Is Little People, Big World star Tori Roloff still mad? She might have dissed her father-in-law Matt Roloff once again, revealing how she feels about him to this day. There’s been drama in the Roloff family for years, and it may not be getting any better. What happened this time that has fans wondering if she’s throwing shade? Keep reading for all of the juicy details.

On TLC’s LPBW, fans have witnessed some of the drama that’s gone down between Matt Roloff and his son Zach. As the father and son negotiated over Roloff Farms, Matt ended up rejecting his offer. It turns out that Matt wanted more for the property than his kids could afford. However, Amy Roloff claimed she sold her part of the farm at a lower price so one of her sons would be able to purchase it.

Since then, things have been rocky among the family members. Fans have noticed that Tori has seemingly thrown shade at her father-in-law on social media, though it’s unclear what her real intentions have been.

Now, a new series of posts has left Little People, Big World fans wondering if Tori Roloff is dissing Matt again.

Tori Roloff, Zach Roloff -YouTubeIs Tori Roloff throwing shade at Matt with her latest post?

On her Instagram Stories this week, Tori documented a special outing she had with her three-year-old daughter, Lilah. They went to a pumpkin farm called Bi-Zi Farms. For the occasion, Lilah wore an adorable black dress with a ghost print, boots, glasses, and an orange hairbow. The mom and daughter posed for a selfie in one snap. In the other photos, Lilah stood in front of a scarecrow sign, struck a pose in the pumpkin patch, and worked hard to pick up a pumpkin.

Tori Roloff InstagramAs fans know, Matt Roloff owns Roloff Farms and Pumpkin Season 2023 is well underway now. So, the fact that Tori went to another farm sparked speculation about her dissing Matt.

Was this really another diss at Matt?

In one of her posts, Tori mentioned that this pumpkin patch outing was a field trip through Lilah’s school. So, she likely didn’t have a say in which pumpkin patch they visited. Someone else probably coordinated the trip and Tori simply signed Lilah up and volunteered to go with her. So, while it might look like she was throwing shade at Matt, it might have been purely coincidental.

Of course, it’s possible that the LPBW family members still aren’t on great terms. This pumpkin patch outing alone may not prove it though.

So, do you think that Tori Roloff was dissing Matt by going to a different pumpkin farm? Or do you think it’s purely coincidental due to this being a field trip for Lilah Roloff? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the LPBW stars.

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